How To Install a Good Anti Cheat Plugin For 1.19 Minecraft


With 1.19 out now its time to start protecting our servers with a great anti cheat plugin for Minecraft servers.

How Do Anti Cheat Plugins Work?

Plugins in general will add more functions to your server, unlike mods which can also change the look of blocks and other items, as well as provide other functions.

It is much easier how ever to use plugins on 1.19 Minecraft servers as the other players don’t need to install it and go through the lengthy process of installing forge and matching mods to the server they want to play on. Or being the one that has to set up the modded server and add the mods that will be compatible.

Anti cheat plugins work by checking the players on the servers against well known cheats. Some of these cheats are flying, clipping, wall phasing, x-ray and other hacks players use to try to ruin it for others that want to play fairly.

How To Install The Grim 1.19 Anti Cheat Plugin To Your Server

The plugin we will be using is called Grim Anti Cheat, its new and open source with lots of great reviews. Once tested we saw that it found any player trying to cheat very well with out too many false positives. It also didnt cause the server any extra lag and was a plug and play type of anti cheat plugin.

Video Tutorial

Before You Start

So first of all make sure to get your Minecraft server ready, once ready then install a 1.19 version. I suggest installing paper version as its the most optimized and works with both bukkit and spigot plugins.

Then when your ready, stop the server before installing any plugins. I will be showing both methods of installing the anti cheat plugin. Both through multicraft itself and also manually with FTP file access.

Install Grim Anti Cheat On Multicraft

Step 1. Make sure you are running a 1.19 version that is either Spigot or Paper.

Step 2. Now click on Files, then Plugins.

Step 3. Make sure Spigot is selected and then search for Grim, the anti cheat will show first on the list. Now select this plugin from the list.

Step 4. Click on Install on the bottom right to install the anti cheat to your 1.19 server.

Final Step. Now start your server back up and the anti cheat will now be active on your server.

Upload Grim Anti Cheat To Your 1.19 Minecraft Server

For this guide we will download the plugin from the source website and upload it using FTP access. This can also be done with FileZilla once connected to your server.

Get started by downloading Grim Anti Cheat from this page.

Step 1. From your server dashboard find the FTP File Access by clicking on Files.

Step 2. Login using your multicraft information or other FTP information depending on the host you are using.

Step 3. Now select the plugins folder within you server files.

Step 4. Now select upload to find and choose the file to upload to your server.

Step 5. Select Choose File and select the plugin from your downloads folder or anywhere you saved the Grim Anti Cheat plugin. Once done selected press Submit.

Final Step. Now just start your server back up and the anti cheat will now be active and monitoring players in the server.


Installing a good anti cheat for your 1.19 Minecraft server is essential if you plan on inviting other players on. This way you can be notified as the op or admin of bad players and have your server much better protected whilst you are not there.

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