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If your looking for Minecraft Tutorials you have come to the right place. We try to cover as much as we can with both Bedrock and Java. Our Tutorials are primarily based on servers. If your looking for a Minecraft server yourself make sure to head over to SeekaHost and find yourself a deal.

Alternatively if you have reached the end of your tether with configuring plugins or getting your server done right you can always use our New Minecraft Server Services option.

Minecraft Tutorials

Server Tutorials

Minecraft Server Tutorials

Learn all about your server settings, how to set a server up in both Bedrock and Java. How to connect to Filezilla, use your world borders or spawn protection and generally anything to do with setting up your Minecraft server.

Also included is whitelisting, banning players, removing player info and removing the /list spam.

Plugin Tutorials

Minecraft Plugin Tutorials

Here you can find out how to install or uninstall plugins. 

We have tutorials for anti cheat plugins, creating cross play servers and even how to monetize your servers using Tebex (formally known as buycraft)

Create multiple worlds on one Minecraft server and much more.

World Tutorials

Minecraft World Tutorials

Find out how to change your server worlds over, create new or delete old Minecraft worlds.

We have a great video on how to move a single player world to a server. 

Converting worlds from Java to Bedrock and even creating the latest version crossplay server.

Mod Tutorials

Minecraft Mod Tutorials

Here you will find tutorials on how to add single mods to your PC or server or entire server packs.

From Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons to RLcraft.

We love mods and hopefully using these tutorials you can too!

Bedrock Tutorials

Minecraft Bedrock Tutorials

We here at Jdog Official love command blocks. Anything from  to bank systems and much more.

Converting worlds, creating portals and much more can be found on this tutorial page. 

Play with me Episodes

Playwithme Episodes

Minecraft Episodes

Looking for something more easy going than tutorials? Check out my series on my you tube channel.

Some on modded servers, some on vanilla. There is a different selection.

Helpful MC Links

Helpful Minecraft Links

Looking for links to plugins? This is the place to find all your hard tp find Minecraft links. You can find MCC toolchest download links, Word Painter so you can create your own Custom worlds. 

Geyser and Floodgate latest download links and much more as it gets added.

Minecraft Forums

Minecraft Forums

Minecraft Forums

If your looking to share your server or find a new one to join this is the place.
Find other Minecrafters to play with and chat about new updates and other Minecraft related things.

Its always easier to learn from people who know. So try and help eachother out as much as possible.

Jdogs Modpacks

Jdogs Modpacks

Jdogs Modpacks

Ive started creating a number of Minecraft modpacks for download. 

They are all themed and dont have hundreds of mods, meaning you can run them on even more basic computers and still enjoy them.

Currently only on CurseForge and the laucnher.

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