The Shack SMP Java and Bedrock cross play server. Version 1.16.4 – 1.16.5 for Java and 1.16.201 for Bedrock.

Server Features

Server Spawn

Credit for spawn to bajansam on planet Minecraft.

Large Safe Spawn to load into the world.

  • Portals to link our Survival World, Server X.
  • Villager shops to buy many items with our in game currency.
  • Minigames.
  • Villager shops for players to buy and setup them self’s to sell items.

Shopping District

  • Easy to use villager shops.
  • Sell many items on the server by typing /sell hand or /sell inventory.
  • Buy your own villager shop in spawn and start selling your own items.
  • Set up Trade signs where you can also sell your goods in game to others.

Paintball Minigame

Paintball map

2 Awesome Maps and More Being Added!

Dessert Map

Easy to Use Lobby to Join with your Friends

all Lobby
  • 2 Teams
  • Up to 8 players each team.
  • Live kills and wins scoreboard.
  • Paint ball shop to buy Upgrades and hats.

Hide and Seek Minigame

Map credit PitchBlackPL on Planet Minecraft

Classic hide and seek game on its own world, the level included andy’s room from Toy Story, the living room, garage and some other secret spaces you might find along the way.

How To Join


Port 25573

Want to chat with others on our servers? Check out our Discord or head to Forum page if your looing for more servers or to advertise you won.

We also have a dedicated Discord server to advertise your servers or look for other ones here.

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