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The Mush Experience Episodes

The Mush Experience | Episode 1

Getting started on one of the most awesome Bedrock servers ive ever seen. From command blocks shops, gamesburg for minigames, and amazing spawn this server has it all. Ill be starting off slow just getting to know the area and get a plan for the season. And for all of you that enjoyed the horse racing series, you’ll be glad to know we are starting another horse race on the mush! So check it out and see for yourselves as we explode The Mush Experience.

The Mush Experience | Episode 2

Second episode on the mush experience and ill be continuing with my horse track and also having a look around games burg. The Minigame central for all the minigames to the server.

Other Minecraft Episodes

100 vs 100 A.I. Bots in Minecraft

Lets test out some cool Minecraft mods I found whilst doing some testing. These AI bots will attacks the other team and even drive vehicles to battle (preview of that at the end of the video) So lets test out the boundaries and make a war of 100 vs 100 A.I. bots in Minecraft.

Chilling on my Skyblock Server and How I Almost Got Onto a Mr Beast Challenge

Chilling out on the Skyblock server trying to make some sweet dollars. I show the progress of the island and then talk about my extremely unfortunate event the other day! So so close to being on a Mr Beast challenge and stopped by an unfortunate event! Unfortunately I cant disclose any details of the challenge as its not out as of this date but I chat about the unfortunate series of events. Onto a brighter note and if you want to come join me on this Skyblock server then the IP can be found by joining our discord.

Playing RLcraft And Trying to Survive!

Playing RLcraft and trying to survive, as expected it took quite some deaths and much frustration before i found safety. RL craft is honestly one of the hardest modpacks i’ve ever played but with the added difficulty comes added determination.

The more you die, the more you want to succeed. From fire nd ice breathing dragons to ferry’s that give you health and dinosaurs galore there is never a dull moment.

This is perfect for anyone looking for an overview of RLCraft as you will get a good idea of what the game is like and what you can expect.

Playing The New Among Us Minigame Map on The Shack

Playing the new map we installed (Map by Fed X Gaming and built by SuperSlayer369) Among Us with murder mystery plugin to give a slightly different among us game.

It goes to show what you can do with a few plugins and some creative minds. Using the murder mystery plugin we created a good quality among us map that works like the real thing. Take a look and see for yourself in this action packed Minecraft minigame we created.

Server X Episodes

Server X Episode 1 | Season 4

Starting with a brand new season and server! Checking out some builds and get going on construction of the potion shop. Playing some minigames on the server.

The Shack Server Minecraft Preview Cross play Java + Bedrock

Showing the Shacks main server with survival worlds too minigames we like to have a video variety of options for all our players!

HavoCraft Episodes

HavoCraft Server | Securing the Village | Episode 1

Welcome back guys! Today I have a video ive been super exited to put out! After much searching I decided to create a server more to film on and for my own enjoyment full of all the fun Minecraft things you can add!

So I decided to make server with a different modpack to most. This server has got a RL craft feel but I have tried to get it more realistic by adding Techguns, immersive engineering, extra utilities’, extra items, biomes o plenty and much more!

Along with that I added Minecraft Comes Alive mod to add an even more realistic aspect to the server! Not only can you get warriors of the village to help you out but you can form friends ships or relationships with villagers too. Leading to marriage and even kids!

So lets get started on this epic journey and trust me, its a fun one! If you feel like joining me on my adventure then you can get a full list of the mods and even a google drive folder with the exact mods to join in on the server yourself.

HavoCraft | Powering up the village | Minecraft modded survival ep 2

Second episode of my Minecraft lets play on HavoCraft and its time to get some power to the village. After the nuke hit there was no more power or powerlines left so its time to make some other sort of generated power.

Using Immersive engineering we can create power, lines, and machines to power up also. And approximately 13 Minecraft mods. What else is thee to do on a Minecraft Monday!

So lets get started with this let’s play Minecraft episode. Minecraft modded survival ep 2.

HavoCraft | Vault 1 | Minecraft Modded Survival ep 3

In this episode ill show the progress since the last one. A lot of work has gone into the border around the village, however wiht further exploration I find a bigger danger much closer to the village of low dip than I thought. So immediate work went into create the underground vault to keep us all safe. Ill be running power down to it as well as making it self sufficient in case everything gets destroyed in the village. HavoCraft Modpack Includes:

  • Techguns
  • Immersive Engineering
  • Extra utilities
  • Just Enough Items
  • Zoo and Wild Animals
  • Biomes o Plenty

HavoCraft Eps 4 | The Fallen Dragon

Welcome back guys, we are back today on HavoCraft the modded survival server. On this episodes agenda we will be taking a tour of changes since the last episode. Trying out the Minecraft helicopter mod using immersive vehicles and the helicopter pack for it. I also attempt to get married in order to get the villager to work and auto farm for me (Minecraft Comes Alive Mod) I get a surprise discovery with the dragon which ill leave for the episode to see.

HavoCraft Eps 5 | Its Getting Dangerous Out There.

Welcome back guys! Back again with another episode on my modded survival server. We have another player joined and we will going on quite the adventure with him. From flying Minecraft planes to surviving zombie and army attacks, its definitely a bit more fast paced than my normal episodes!

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