Minecraft Bedrock Tutorial

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How To Make An Easy Minecraft Chicken Farm

How to make a semi automatic chicken farm Minecraft. This amazing Minecraft farm will mean you never need to go chasing chickens ever again in your world. Simply keep two at all times and keep breeding to get that awesome free loot.

Where To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 1.18

Using a block clearing technique lets take a look at where diamonds generate in Minecraft 1.18. We take a look at different areas in the map and also take some data to look at in the end to see where the best area is to mine for diamonds.

We also take a look at where you can find coal in mountains and also how much iron is now in the mountain regions. As well as that I think ive found one of the most effective way of mining diamonds in the new update.

How to Make a Minecraft Enchantments Shop with Command Blocks

How to create a Minecraft Enchantment shop for your realm or server. For Minecraft Bedrock edition and using only 4 command blocks its a must have for realms/servers with a currency. Using the scoreboard currency we can charge players to buy enchantments for their sword, or any other tool or item that can be enchanted. For currency’s you can check out my other video here on how to setup a scoreboard currency.

Create Portals Using Command Blocks

Create quick or more advanced portals to teleport around the word with. The portals TP players just like more well known java plugins and only take a few commands. The more advanced one also includes a countdown feature. Bedrock Edition command block creation.

Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

We take a look through my top 5 Minecraft Bedrock seeds. 5. Bamboo Jungle -2141551899 4. Rare Biome 1072988533 3. Mushroom Island 992826707 2. Speed run 542630838 1. Broken Mansion -77107740

Bees, Beehives and Bee Nests Minecraft Tutorial

Tutorial on what you can do with bees, bee nests, beehives honey, honey blocks and honeycomb.

Shop To Sell Items. Bedrock – Command blocks

Easy and quick method to setup a selling shop in your server or realms using commands blocks!

Shop to Buy Items. Minecraft Bedrock – Command Blocks

Very simple way to start building shops on your realm or server, only 3 command blocks needed to make each buying stand.

How to Convert a Minecraft World From Java to Bedrock or Bedrock to Java 1.17

We show how you can convert a Minecraft Java World into a Bedrock world and also how to Convert a Bedrock World into a Java world. Using one easy tool you can easily convert the Minecraft worlds so you can play your awesome spawns, survival worlds or whatever else you have been building on both Bedrock and Java Edition. After we convert the Minecraft Worlds we will also show how to add the files into a new folder in case you want to upload your single player world to your server. Please be aware that it wont move new blocks from 1.17 and up with the world in explore, your able to transfer old worlds too a 1.17 format but if you transfer a 1.17 world and above you will lose the new blocks during the transfer.

How to Get Java Plugins on Bedrock for a Minecraft Server. Land Protection

Whats up guys, lets find out how we can make a server to support bedrock players and also use plugins. This video is done only on bedrock version and at no point will you need a Java account.

Most Java plugins will work and you and all your bedrock players can enjoy using all the free Java plugins but on Bedrock edition. In this video we will be installing a plugin called grief protection and it is a great plugin to keep all players land safe. Bedrock players can create land claims that will keep all their land safe.

Features It Includes: (All these are available for bedrock users with no in game setup needed) Land Protection, Item Protection, Villager or mob Protection, Crop Protection, Creeper protection, Tnt Protection, Chest Protection.

This is an advanced plugin and will be able to stop most if not all hacks people use eg trying to blow up the chest from outside your claim zone. They really have made sure to make this good to keep Minecraft players safe and their land protected fully.

How to Create a Texture Pack On Bedrock And Update Texture Packs Easily

Here we take a look at how you can easily create a custom texture pack on Minecraft so you can add your own custom design for blocks, entities and other times. Create amazing add ons to play with on your single player worlds, share with friends or upload to a server. We will go through the general process of creating a Minecraft texture pack, and more specifically how to change Minecraft paintings, how to change a boat texture and how to change a entity texture on Bedrock.
Links found on helpful links page.

How To Get On The Nether Roof on Bedrock 1.17.41

I go through some methods of getting on the nether roof that dont work anymore and the working method I could find to successfully get on the nether roof. And of course once your on the roof you will need to get down eventually! So ive included how to get back off at the end of the video too.

How to Install a Bedrock Server on Your Multicraft Dashboard

Learn how to change your server type to bedrock to start an official bedrock server. Enjoy all that bedrock brings with friends on your won server with SeekaHost. Easily create or change server types from Java to Bedrock or mods.

How To Make All Horses Automatically Rideable In Minecraft

Using command blocks in Bedrock we can make some pretty quick changes to make sure that all horses are rideable in your Minecraft world. This takes out a lot of stress to find saddles, and tame horses. Leading for much faster exploration, races and other fun on realms and servers.

Create Custom Map Using World Painter For Bedrock Edition

Using 2 free programs we can create amazing looking maps using worldpainter and then quickly convert them over to bedrock in no time! This fast easy method means you can completely create a new Minecraft map, then load it up and convert it to bedrock.

The best thing is that by using the method I use in the video you can also get the latest world generating around the custom world you created meaning that you still get the open world map. It just continues from where you finished with worldpainter.

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