WarBox Modpack
And Server

A war based modpack for servers where you can choose a team and conquer the server! Choose allies or axis and work together to raid loot and survive the hard nights.

Server IP:

Server IP: play.seekahostservers.com

Work Together
Or Go It Alone

When you first join the server, you will need to make a choice, join axis or the allies! You can join our discord and chat with others on your team.

The history behind this modpack and server is long… it started long before the nuclear explosion went off. It is thought one of the 2 groups were responsible for the explosion that destroyed the world and infected million into zombies.

They have since blamed each other and battled to become the next super-power. The fighting all built up to the first “post nuke” war. Thousands of lives were taken and the leader of the Allies (Allios) was killed. 

Since then, the Allies  have formed again from gangs of bandits wanting to bring back the formal glory of the Allies prior to the war and re instate the Allios rule.

Axis declared themselves the rulers after the war, however its proved difficult with strong resistance from the Allies meaning that the new world leader role has yet to be secured.

There was one more faction to come from this war. The Bandit Army. They do not recruit new soldiers and have outposts all over the world. From army bases to aircraft carriers. You need to watch out because these guys don’t play around.

In this modpack and modded server you will get to choose your team when you first join. Build your arsenal and join others to take over the server before the next war. The next war will decide the fate of the server superpower.

This has no relation to any real word events, or the actual “axis & allies” groups and no racism will be tolerated on the server. Please find out more about allies and axis storyline on the server by clicking the button below.

Next War Date

This will decide the next Server Super-Power
  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

How The War Works

Build up your teams and weapons stash for the next big war to decide the super-power until the next war. The date of the next war is determined by the count down timer above. You will be provided coordinates of the area that needs to be secured!

The war will last the entire day and the winning faction will be the one controlling the area by the end of the day. This will be signified by a banner representing your team or any team symbol.

The wining group will win the following stash as a congratulations for winning the war.

Weapons Items
4x Pistols
300 Coins
3x Ak's
Jeep & Fuel
2x Gun Turrets
2x Windmills
2x Laser Guns
10x Gun Attachements
15x Mines
10x Ai Command-able Bots
2x Customised Guns
1x Helicopter
Tech Guns

Create guns, turrets and spawn zombies with guns and structures with army rebels.

Modular Warfare

Add a whole new arsenal of weapons with awesome attachments.

Flans Mod

More guns, grenades and also land and air vehicles with great multiplayer functionality.

Custom NPC's

Create npc's with dialog, jobs and trades to make story line or shops for your server.

Immersive Engineering

Create power and distribute it between your machines to create more weapons and carnage.

Lots To Discover

You can find old ruins with loot or blocks to scavenge. Along your journey you will also find structures taken over by zombies with even better loot! Lastly watch our for the bandit army camps, they have the best weapons, ammo and health packages but they are hard to take down!


The Allies were formed after the first nuclear explosion went off. The founder (Allios) created the group in order to keep food supplies and overcome the nightly zombie raids as they got worse and the zombies started to arm themselves. Allios the leader died shortly after the first post nuke war but the group has since been growing by small teams of bandits keen to grow the Allies back to their formal glory.

Join the Allies to bring back the glory of Allios and bring back humanity under an Ally rule.

allies warbox server and modpack


A military group that was formed before the nuclear explosion that changed the world. Some say they were involved with the world changing explosion that went off and started infecting people by the millions. They have always denied these allegation and continued to command and try to become the superpower of the new world.

After winning the first post nuke war, the Axis have declared themselves the new rulers but with fierce competition they haven’t been able to secure this position as the new ruler yet.

Join Axis to secure the leadership of the new world and take down the radical Allies group.

Tutorials For The Mods On The Server

Immersive Engineering mod is a brilliant mod that brings power and powered machines to Minecraft. Create power, fuel for vehicles or automate your building process. This works well with tech guns to power machines and work along side the ores you get with the mod. Create power with wind, water or nuclear waste. The attached video is part of a serious or tutorials on using immersive engineering.

This awesome mod gives you lots of options, create guns starting from the simple revolver all the way up to laser or power blasters. Its arms zombies and creates outpost buildings in your worlds with zombie or army men. Keep safe and craft your way to safety with armour, guns, turrets and automated machines you need to power up. The video tutorial is one of a series of techguns tutorials and will get you well on your way to become a server overlord.

This mod is best used for server owners using this modpack. It allows you to create custom npc’s that you can program to have different features. They can become banks, traders, or set to be hired out. You can set dialog, walking areas and any more things to make your server come to life, create shops or help players along their quests.Talking of quests this mod also has a great questions system along with a automatic building tool you can use to create more buildings.

This mod gives you an amazing and realistic set of guns. Not only are these guns great to use or craft but they also come with the most realistic and helpful attachments such as scopes, grips, laser pointers and much more. It also has other mod add ons to allow you to strafe left and right and have more realistic movements. This really will bring the war server to life and give its of advantages to anyone who can create such weaponary.

One of the best gun mods, Flans mod gives you the ability to not only choose the teams, but also gives you crafting for the weapons for both teams. Craft weapons, vehicles and much more. The tutorial here will show you how to craft and add attachments to the guns on flans mod so you can start to build your arsenal for either axis or allies. Add ons include vehicles such as tanks, planes, bombers, jeeps and even boats that work with other players.

The server & modpack will have seasons. They effect how foliage looks and also how crops grow. Each season is split into 3 subsections. Beginning of the season, mid season and end of season. And each sub season last 8 in game days. Summer crops crow better in the summer and winter crops flourish in the winter. You will also find wet and dry seasons in biomes like the dessert.





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