With such a cool program as Amulet we have dedicated a whole page to tutorials we have or will make about it.

With amazing features such as changing in game biomes, meaning you can have completely different biomes in a section of your Minecraft world.

To unloading chunks in your Minecraft world, allowing you to create spawns and unload the chunks around them for every new update Minecraft has.

You also get the world editor which is great. Especially for Bedrock players to have a good working word editor is fantastic!

Table of Content

  1. Word Editor For Bedrock Using Amulet
  2. How to Reset Chunks in Minecraft World with Amulet

What Is Amulet?

Amulet is an amazing free Minecraft editing program. It included many features as mentioned before that allow you to prune your world of old chunks leaving only the areas you want loaded for a fresh world to generate.

As well as that is has the option to delete specific chunks of your choosing if you only for instance want to restore 1 or 2 chunks.

This includes the ability to World Edit both Java and Bedrock worlds quickly and easily as it links straight to your Minecraft folders.

Meaning you can log on and change something on your single player world. Save it, load up Minecraft and have it take effect immidiately.

For the editor it loads up the area around the player as you will see in the World Editor video you can only editor for a certain amount of chunks around the player.

Downloading Amulet Editor for Minecraft

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