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More About Pound Note Currency Addon

Always wanted to make the currency more official with actual notes? This awesome free addon will give you an assortment of British notes to use as currency in your Bedrock world or realm. The currency can be found in the creative menu or using the commands below.

Commands For The Notes

  1. /yyfool:bill
  2. /yyfool:bill5
  3. /yyfool:bill10
  4. /yyfool:bill20
  5. /yyfool:bill50

Version Downloads

How To Import an Add-on/Resource Pack

  1. Download the add on from the versions list at the top of the page.
  2. Right click the downloaded .zip file and select “rename”
  3. Change the .zip to .mcaddon and press yes when prompted.
  4. Double click and it will automatically launch and import on your Minecraft.
  5. Before creating a world scroll down to Resource packs and activate this one.
  6. Existing worlds: scroll down to resource packs and activate this one.
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