Welcome to our Skyblock server, we have kept this on a sepperate server to the Shack SMP for better game play!

This is compatible with Java 1.16.4 – 1.6.5

And Bedrock Latest

Jdog skyblock
The Shack Skyblock


  • Skyblock Spawn
  • Skyblock Shop to buy and sell
  • Skyblock Upgrades to your Island
  • Ore generator
  • Coop with friends
  • Skyblock leader board
  • Skyblock missions
  • Skyblock personal balance and sepperate bank balance
  • Spawner shop
skyblock server
skyblock server
skyblock server

Resource Packs

On first starting on the server you will be prompted to use the awesome texture pack that we use on the server.

Unfortunately Bedrock players are unbale to use this in the same way.

How to Connect

Port shacksb.seekahostserver.com

Port 25584

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