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What Is The Free Profile Creator?

This is a service created for content creators to easily share all their links in one place. Not only that, it also saves money by not having to start a website, buy a domain and design the entire thing! Simply choose a theme and fill in the form for a free profile or if you want a premium profile you can fully customize your own page! (Currently in development).

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How Do I Create a Free Profile Page?

Its easy to get started. Follow the three steps below!

free website page

Find a theme you like

share socials for free

Fill in the form

share minecraft content

Share your page!

Find a Theme

Find a theme to suit your profile page.

We have a selection of free and paid themes. All free themes will remain free forever and the paid themes are just if you want to go the extra mile to make your page stand out.
Take note of the theme name for the next step!

Sharp Theme (FREE)

View a live demo page of the theme.

Bubbly Theme (FREE)

View a live demo page of the theme.

Factory Theme (FREE)

View a live demo page of the theme.

Fill In The Form

Let us know what content you want to add to your page.

This will ask you about the links and content you want on your profile. Once submitted, one of our admins will then create the page with your content and email you with the details. Feel free to share this and update us about any changes on our discord (Link below the form).

For any queries or edits please get hold of me on my Discord.


How long until my profile is live?

Usually we aim to get it live within 24 hours. Once live you will receive an email with your URL so you can find it and share it. Sometimes it might take longer as this is currently a manual process so we can check each profile and verify it.

Can I make changes to free themes?

Yes, you will need to contact me on discord and we can make the changes for you on the free profiles.

Do you create custom themes?

I can create them for you, there will be a design fee and you can make inquiries on [email protected].

When will the premium profiles be available?

We are currently developing the the premium profile version so that you can edit your own page entirely yourself! We are looking to role this out by march 2023. Its going to be awesome!

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