How Features Are Been Rated?

After installing and testing countless plugins I have used the following features as a pro and con, to then decide what makes it onto the list. The version ive used is 1.16.4 and 1.19 (The current latest version) and 1.19.2 for Bedrock (the latest version currently)


I have tested this for cross compatibility with the use of Geyser and Floodgate. All plugins listed must be at least usable on both versions, with most to all game features available for both editions.

For help with installing Geyser/Floodgate click here for a video tutorial.

Installation and Help Provided

I have chosen plugins that provide the easiest setup and also provide video tutorials showing you exactly how to install and use all the features on the plugin.

Compatibility With Other Plugins

The plugins will not only need to work with both Java and Bedrock but also be compatible with Multiverse (Core, Portals, Inventories) Essentialsx, Vault, Holographic Displays, Placeholder Api, Villager Market, Warp Gui, Grief prevention, Spartan Anti cheat, Lucky Perms, Clear lag, Discord SRV and of course them self’s whilst been ran on different worlds on the same server.

Playability and Bugs

Only the Minigames that have great game play, little to no bugs and a full gaming experience have been added.

Number 6

Mine chess minigame plugin

This awesome plugin works for 1.19 servers and below. Its brilliantly intuitive and makes setting up and plying the minigame easy.

Setup only takes a few commands that you can find here on the guide. Once setup you have a complete chess game on your server.

Players have a time limit and also have to abide by the actual rules of chess. With your tool you can select your unit and it even shows you the available spaces that you can move it into.

Download the mine chess minigame plugin here.

Number 5

The Shack Server -SMP- -MiniGames-


This game is based around the simple game of hide and seek. One player is the seeker and the rest have 60 seconds to hide.

An amazing yet simple plugin to add to any server, the simple design requires almost no set up. Simply add a world or rename a world to SybHideAndSeek, change the world borders to suit your level and thats it.. your done!

The way this plugins works is who ever is in the world called SybHideAndSeek at the time a player types /hideandseek will be taken to the spawn, one player is chosen and a seeker and who ever is left gets to hide.

It keeps the seeker in the dark and facing down allowing 60 seconds for the hiders to be found. Once the game starts the world borders will start to come in on different time increments.

The seeker is given a sword to find and kill the hiders along with a slight speed whilst the hiders are made to go slightly slower as not to outrun the seeker.

One found or not found in time the plugin will teleport everyone back tot he main spawn for that worlds and you can easily go again or simply go back to spawn.

For the plugin page click here it also included full installation instructions on the download page.

Number 4

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery, just like the name suggest is your classic murder mystery minigame where one or more players have to secretly kill the other players with out getting discovered.

This minigame is not only well programmed, but well thought about as the in game features match that of many premium minigame plugins but is yet completely free!

It includes an easy to use GUI menu with an easy step by step tutorial video to setup. And I’m not kidding, if you have your map set up then you can install everything within 10 mins easily.

Not only is the installation of each arena super easy but it provides you with features such as lobbies, spectator options, gold generators, mystery cauldrons and other fun things they have added in.

The scoreboard keeps up with all the gameplay and provided very good information about the game in progress.

For the plugin page click here, and for the tutorial click here.

Number 3

Village Defence

A simple yet great game of surviving waves of monsters on the map you have designed or added to your server.

For help with adding custom maps, check out my tutorial on how to easily add one here.

Made by the same people that made Murder Mystery, they have truly excelled in this minigame.

Not only does it have all the features that ive listed for the previous plugin such as easy setup, good game play, easy video tutorial but also has other great features such as in game villager shops to buy upgraded gear.

And special items such as golem or wolf spawners that will protect you and your villagers from the oncoming hoards of zombies.

This is from 1 to 10 players and highly addictive with its fully configurable scoreboard letting you know your current level, and your best score or level you have reached previously.

For the plugin page click here, and for the tutorial click here.

Here is a preview of one of the server we have created using this plugin.

Number 2


Paintball Battle

As the name may suggest, this is a game where you have to shoot the opposing team with paintballs to win.

The game may seem simple in principle, how ever the level of detail is simply amazing for this free plugin.

From configurability to installation and easy of use this one comes close to to number one. It includes multi arena levels, super easy GUI set up and easily added signs for everyone to use, either on Bedrock or Java.

It also includes live scoreboards that you can add with your holographic displays, showing your players top wins and kills on your server.

In game you will find everything you may need from a Paintball shop, offering pre starting upgrades and perk hats.

Whilst playing your also able to access the in game upgrade shop that offers your everything you might want to beat your opponent from triple shot, strong arm, thunder strikes and more!

This can be purchased with the kill coins you receive when killing another player.

You can add many arenas on different worlds and setup them up quickly and easily.

For the plugin page click here, and for the tutorial click here.

Number 1


Iridium Skyblock

So my number one out of TOP 5 FREE MINIGAME PLUGINS FOR MINECRAFT is this epic Skyblock minigame.

The reason for this is not only does it check everything I have been looking for in minigames but it far surpasses it.

Features include a fully interactive player GUI menu, letting you create/delete/regenerate you Island. You can check the detailed leader board to see where your Skyblock Island ranks.

You have a fully set up Island shop to buy and sell items to grow your Island, make your farms and build your house.

You start with a faultless ore generator to get your started.

You can follow the Island missions to earn more money and Crystals, used for Island upgrades.

You can change your Island biome, size and many other things through the upgrade shop.

Using your player GUI you can coop with others, set your privacy so visitors cant pop in unexpectedly, and so much more..

This absolutely free plugin will provide your server with a full skyblock experience that every one is bound to enjoy!

For the plugin page click here, and for the tutorial click here.

For more tutorials on any of the subject above or other server problems check out my Youtube Channel.

If you want to test any of these plugins out yourself, you can join our server and see how you like them.

We have most of them available on the seekahost server.
Server address is:
Edition: Java 1.8 – 19

The Shack – Paintball, Hide and Seek, Villager Survival, Murder Mystery

Skyblock – Skyblock Minigame

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