Free Minecraft Addons For Bedrock

How To Use Our Free Addons

Using the add ons is easy! Find an addon you want to use and download it. Just follow the steps below your download and  and it will automatically load into your Minecraft launcher. Once loaded to your Minecraft make sure to activate the packs from your resource or behaviour folder when creating a new world (at the bottom) and the pack will be enabled on that world.

How Safe Are Our downloads?

We strive for security. With many other Bedrock addon websites having some questionable downloads I wanted to make sure that this is one place you know you can trust. All add-ons are checked and approved by us, then scanned for viruses and then inserted for download if safe. You can also check all links or files with virus total to make sure nothing malicious is on the download.


Anti Creeper Explosions

Tired of creeper holes in your spawn or around the world? Alternatively you have people using creepers as weapons to annoy others? Use our add on its own or with other add ons to stop any creeper damage on your Bedrock worlds, realms or servers.

Economy ADD-ONS

Currency Notes Add-on

Use this awesome currency addon for Bedrock to have in game notes to use as currency. This addon includes £1 £5 £10 £50 notes both in the creative menu and also gives you commands if your setting up shops. This addon can be used with other .mcaddon packs we offer.

Texture Pack ADD-ONS

Road Street Sign Add on

Street, road and construction signs to decorate your city! This add on replaces the old paintings with much more modern street signs.

Better Concrete Add on

New looking concrete and concrete powder to make your builds look more lifelike and take away the cartoon look of Minecraft concrete.

Designed By YYFool Studio

Want to find out a bit more about the designers of these add-ons? The YYfool studio is the new but best place to go for custom Bedrock add-ons. Visit their website and find out more by following the link here.

Website Design By YLS Studio

Independent website design and SEO services with Your Local SEO Studio.

Our free addon page has been created so Bedrock players can download safe and custom made Bedrock addons for free. These have been created by YYFool studio or Jdog and are always free to download. Currently the resource addons work separately but we are looking to make them cross compatible very soon. The .mcaddon packs can how ever work together. 

If you do wish to use different add-ons together you can send me an email and depending on time I can merge them together for you.

Alternatively if you have a resource or behaviour pack addon you want to add to our selection please contact me on

Please do not send the addon in the email as we have a separate more secure way to receive the file. We highly suggest running it through a virus checker first, if a malicious file is found we are not going to accept an addon from you again and potentially ban your IP.

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