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A great working new Minecraft gun plugin that works on paper and spigot servers with no setup required. Find out how to download and install WeaponMechanics.

About The WeaponMechanics Gun Plugin

This is a great new gun plugin for Minecraft that doesn’t require a modded server. Simply install2 plugins and stat using weapons on your server with others.

It works for version 1.9 till 1.19 and is currently in beta as of this article but is looking to be one of the best out there. You will find great playability with this gun plugin with some surprise weapons too.

One great thing I did discover is how good the Grief Prevention plugin is at protecting properties. Even once blown up with the cluster bomb it miraculously starting repairing the ground where it sat. Low and below in front of me the entire structure was re assembled and back to its previous form! We also suggest adding an anti cheat to any server you have public.

Downloading The WeaponMechanics Plugin

This plugin can be found in multicraft and on the spigot website also. How ever it actually requires two plugins which sometimes isn’t clear on the main page.

Both downloads are found on their GitHub release section. Once on the page download both:

  • MechanicsCore-1.3.3-BETA.jar
  • WeaponMechanics-1.8.3-BETA.jar

You need both the WeaponMechanics and the MechanicsCore plugin to make the gun plugin work on your 1.19 server.

Also please be aware that is only works for spigot and paper servers. Get a Server with SeekaHost if your looking for a good value server to upload the plugins too.

Installing The Gun Plugin To Your 1.19 Server

First make sure your server is running a 1.19 paper or spigot server so the plugins are compatible. Then stop your server ready to install the gun plugin.

Install Using Multicraft FTP File Access.

Step 1. Click on FTP File Access through files. Then login using your Multicraft password.

Step 2. Select the Plugin option.

Step 3. Click on upload on the left hand side.

Step 4. Click on Choose File and then select the WeaponMechanics-1.8.3-BETA.jar plugin, then repeat the process and choose the MechanicsCore-1.3.3-BETA.jar plugin. Then press submit. If this doesn’t work with both then try one by one.

Final Step. Now go back and start your server and the gun plugin “WeaponMechanics” is now installed on your 1.19 Minecraft server.

Install The Gun Plugin Using FileZilla

Step 1. Connect to your server with FileZilla.

Step 2. Open the plugin section on the right side of the dashboard (the server side)

Step 3. Drag the plugins over from your downloads folder on the left hand side to your server on the right hand side.

Final Step. Start the server and the plugins will now be active.

Commands For WeaponMechanics Gun Plugin For 1.19

To give yourself or other players guns the command is

/wm give @s gun

The gun commands are:

  • 357_Magum
  • 50_GS
  • Airstrike
  • AK-47
  • AUG
  • AX-50
  • Cluster_Grenade
  • Combat_Knife
  • Flashbang
  • FN_FAL
  • FR_5_56
  • Grenade
  • Kar98k
  • M4A1
  • MG34
  • Origin_12
  • R9-0
  • RPG-7
  • Semtex
  • Stim

You can also get the list of commands by typing /wm list in the chat. The developers also provide a very helpful wiki page for the minecraft gun plugin.

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