Join us with and any version!
Join us with and any version!

Looking for a survival server to join? Here you can find out more about joining the Universal server. First created in 2020 under the name of Server X by Jdog and Knight, the adventure first started. The server itself has been through some changes through the time, even at one point going back to a custom modpack we created called HavoCraft. After a number of updated to 1.19 it was decided that this will become a universal server for anyone to join. By this we mean Bedrock edition players as well as Java edition players can join. But not only that, but we also added so any version from 1.9 till the latest version can also join, making it a truly universal server.

Server News

more-information universal server


PORT: 25573

1.8 - Latest Version

Server Features

The Server Shops

The Bed Shop

Having trouble locating enough sheep to make a bed and get a good night sleep? We have got you covered at the bed shop! First one is on us.. Then the rest we over charge you for!

bed shop universal srver

The Market

The market actually consists of 3 different floors with shops and a lucky spin machine. You will find the tool shop here with useful stuff you might need, the decoration shop to make your house look nicer and finally the block shop to get some hideously overpriced rarer blocks!


Tool Shop:
tool shop minecraft survival server
Decoration Shop: decoration shop survival smp

Block Shop: block shop

The Rail Shop

Want to get around the old school way? Grab your minecart, get your rails and let’s get railroading! Or simply grab some extra when building your Redstone farms. Either way this shop comes in handy when you’re in need! Prices are through the roof but when you need that 1 more powered rail… what else can you do!

rail shop survival smp server

The Weapon Shop

Sometimes you just don’t have time to find the diamonds and get that diamond sword you need. Using the weapon shop you can buy weapons and also sell broken old ones too. Less waste and easy weapon access for all!

weapon shop universal server smp

The Flight Shop

Looking to get your wings but don’t want to brave any dangerous situations? Simply save up your hard-earned currency and buy yourself some wings, rockets and golden apples just in case you take a bad fall.

flight shop universal server smp

Elytra: $20,000
Rockets: $350 x10
Golden Apple: $100

The Entity Shop

Need a villager from your trading hall? Perhaps an Allay to help bring back items or help farm. Using our entity shop you can order them in ready to take home. Collection ramp provided for the villager (get your minecart ready first).

villager shop minecraft server smp

Villager: $25,000
Allay: $50,000

Full Sell List and Item Worth

 log: 2.0
‘0’: 20
‘0’: 1.0
‘1’: 1.0
‘0’: 2.0
‘*’: 2.5
stonebutton: 6.0
wood: 0.5
arrow: 2.0
rawfish: 5.0
minecart: 15.0
storageminecart: 20.0
feather: 3.0
goldchestplate: 6.5
mushroomsoup: 4.5
bread: 3.0
workbench: 1.5
stonehoe: 2.5
brownmushroom: 2.0
mossycobblestone: 10.0
woodsword: 1.0
torch: 2.0
grass: 0.20
poweredminecart: 22.0
snowball: 0.30
goldenapple: 25.0
slimeball: 6.0
fence: 1.0
stonespade: 1.5
claybrick: 4.0
noteblock: 17.0
coalore: 15.0
clayball: 3.0
goldrecord: 100.0
irondoor: 15.0
bucket: 12.0
redrose: 2.0
grilledpork: 4.0
gravel: 1.0
wooddoor: 3.0
diamondblock: 450.0
goldhelmet: 6.0
redstonetorchon: 10.0
furnace: 4.5
dispenser: 15.0
woodaxe: 2.0
seeds: 0.50
painting: 9.0
woodplate: 1.0
redstoneore: 10.0
waterbucket: 10.0
bedrock: 100.0
irondoorblock: 15.0
goldhoe: 6.0
sand: 1.0
goldsword: 6.0
stoneaxe: 3.0
bookshelf: 16.0
ironblock: 135.0
jackolantern: 26.0
boat: 3.0
redstonewire: 14.0
redmushroom: 2.0
string: 4.0
stoneplate: 6.0
wallsign: 1.0
cactus: 4.0
sulphur: 5.0
rails: 7.0
ironore: 10.0
stone: 2.0
egg: 1.0
diamondore: 50.0
woodhoe: 2.0
goldleggings: 6.0
yellowflower: 2.0
obsidian: 30.0
dirt: 0.10
leather: 1.0
lever: 1.0
cobblestone: 1.0
cake: 15.0
woodstairs: 1.0
ironingot: 15.0
goldore: 14.0
pumpkin: 3.0
bed: 8.0
watch: 6.0
sign: 1.5
doublestep: 1.0
woodpickaxe: 2.0
stonepickaxe: 4.0
cookedfish: 4.0
saddle: 20.0
cobblestonestairs: 1.5
tnt: 10.0
glowingredstoneore: 10.0
apple: 1.0
woodspade: 1.0
goldingot: 20.0
diode: 10.0
soil: 0.20
clay: 2.0
goldblock: 180.0
stick: 0.15
paper: 3.0
brick: 5.0
stationarylava: 1.0
chest: 4.0
sandstone: 3.0
goldpickaxe: 6.0
compass: 8.0
sugarcane: 2.0
goldboots: 6.0
sponge: 15.0
stonesword: 2.5
coal: 11.0
goldaxe: 6.0
bone: 2.0
diamond: 50.0
glass: 3.0
goldspade: 6.0
lapisblock: 153.0
lavabucket: 4.0
wheat: 2.0
ladder: 0.5
sugarcaneblock: 15.0
bowl: 0.5
lapisore: 10.0
lava: 2.0
milkbucket: 4.0
redstone: 11.0
greenrecord: 100.0
inksack: 10.0
glowstonedust: 10.0
book: 15.0
bow: 15.0
step: 1.5
sugar: 6.0
wheatseeds: 0.5
netherwart: 4.0
carrot: 0.7
dandelion: 1.0
bamboo: 0.8
oaksapling: 0.8
junglesapling: 0.8
rawiron: 10.0
ironnugget: 3.0
deepslategoldore: 14.0
rawgold: 13.0
goldnugget: 3.0
lapislazuli: 17.0
deepslatelapisore: 10.0
redstoneblock: 144.0
deepslateredstoneore: 10.0
deepslatediamondore: 50.0
gunpowder: 1.2
rottenflesh: 1.2
melonslice: 0.75
emerald: 30.0

Server Quests

Level 1 Minecraft Server Quests

The Universal server has many quests for you to start and earn items or money from! Level 1 quests usually involve 2-3 steps before completion. And get a smaller reward than the other levels. For locations please use our live map.

You can check quests or cancel them by typing /quests.

  • The Traveller
    Location: Spawn, by the weapon Shop (728,64,-163).
    Quest: Find the travellers missing friend for a reward.
    Reward: 1 Diamond
  • Frank’s Tower
    Location: Frank’s Tower (168,64,-305).
    Quest : Help Frank get materials to finish his Tower.
    Reward: $600
  • The Knights Fight
    Location: Shady ems “The Castle” (1044,64,-37).
    Quest: Help fight off the zombies to defend the castle!
    Reward: 1 Diamond + 5 experience points.
  • Sally’s Fishing Competition
    Location: Docks in the Plaza. (374,64,13)
    Quest: Help Sally win the fishing competition.
    Reward: 1 Diamond + 7 experience points


Adding Shaders

Want to play with Shaders? You will need to join with forge and the shader in your shader pack folder. The server itself is currently 1.19 but will accept version from 1.8 to the latest version. So, install forge and Opti fine, add your shader and get playing!

Set Bounties

Has someone wronged you on the server and you wish to pursue some revenge, but don’t quite have the manpower? Set a bounty on their head and lets others do the good work for you! Simply use the /bounties command and set whatever your price on another player’s head. Other players can check bounties and decide whether to peruse them or not.

set bounties on a player

Anti Grief/Theft & Claiming

Every player is able to protect their plot. This is safe from grief, thieves, and your entities and even crops are safe. Basically, if it’s in your marked area. It’s safe! To use the land protection, you can do so firstly by placing your first chest down. You will see the gold blocks that mark your safe area. The longer you play the more area blocks you earn to expand your base. You can also make your area using a golden shovel (given at spawn) by right clicking the start and end corner with the golden shovel. You can use this to resize your plot also. To show plots crouch with a stick in your hand.

24/7 Uptime

We use a 12gb server that is up 24/7. This means no matter what device you’re on and no matter what time you’re on you can play! The only time it may be off is during automatic restarts if the server is empty every 6 hours. This is just to clear cache and takes around 2 minutes. So, whether you’re looking to finish your big project or just on and off whilst you have time to play, rest assured the server will be up and ready.

Real Estate Market

Looking to get into the real-estate game? On the Universal server you can sell, rent or lease properties!

Selling a plot

This will sell everything on your plot top the new owner, they will have complete permission to this after sale is complete.

You must place a sign down and write the lines in this order:

Line 1 the action >> [sell]
Line 2 the amount >> 50

Renting a plot:

When renting a plot, the ownership stays with you but you do allow building permission until the rental period is over.

You must place a sign down and write the lines in this order:

Line 1 the action >> [rent]
Line 2 the amount >> 50
Line 3 per period >> 1 week

Leasing a plot:

Leasing a plot means you are selling it in instalments, for instance rather than 100k you might sell it in 10 instalments on 10k. The difference between this and renting is that the renter will end up owning the shop once all if paid off.

You must place a sign down and write the lines in this order:

Line 1 the action >> [lease]
Line 2 the amount >> 10
Line 3 amount of payments >> 3
Line 4 per period >> 1d
(4 days)

Alterative ways of writing time periods:

“1 week 2 days” means a total of 9 days

“2 weeks” means a total of 14 days

“3 day” means a total of 3 days

“12w 5d” means a total of 89 days (12*7 + 5)

“3d” means 3 days

server commands


Pay another player /pay player name

Check your balance /bal

Check the top balance /baltop

Sell items /sell hand or /sell inventory


Send a tp request /tpa playername

Cancel a sent tpa request /tpacancel

Accept a sent tpa request /tpaccept

TP to random location /tpr

Travel to spawn /warp Spawn

Travel to shops /warp >warp name<

Travel to home location /home

Claiming & Plots

Claim plots by placing a chest in the middle.
You can also claim by using a golden shovel to mark the area
Extend claims using a golden shovel.
Find claims by crouching and right clicking with stick in hand
Trust player in your claim with /trust player name

Set home location /sethome

Delete home location /delhome

Other Commands

Find a recipe /recipes (item name)

Manage Quests /quests

Wear item in hand as hat /hat wear/remove

Check your play time /playtime

Sent mail to a player /mail

Check your ping /ping

Set a bounty on a player /bounties

Go to auction house /ah

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