Geyser & Floodgate Plugins

Geyser and Floodgate are two popular plugins that you can use to make your server cross compatible with both bedrock and java. Ill leave both separate links as floodgate is sometimes harder to find and can lead to some confusion.

How To Install Geyser & Floodgate

  1. Download the plugins.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Upload the plugins to your servers plugins folder.
  4. Start your server, then stop it.
  5. Find the geyser.yml file and insert your server port to replace the original one in the file.

Download Geyser Plugin | Download Floodgate Plugin

Plugily Minigame Plugins

These guys create some really good Minecraft mini-game plugins that are developed really well. From Murder mystery to villager defence, bridge and even build battle. Ill leave a link to their main site where you can access all their Minigame plugins and find out more information.

The most updated version are found on the discord page under the downloads section.

You can also use these plugins on a cross platform server by using geyser & floodgate, this post shows each minigame well.

How To Upload The Minigame Plugins

  1. Download the required plugins (download link below)
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Upload the minigame plugins.
  4. Start your server back up.

download free minecraft minigames

Plugily Download Discord | Plugily Wiki Page

ViaVersion Plugins

With ViaVersion you can allow players to join if they are on a newer version than your using on your server. You can also use ViaBackward to let players on with lower versions than you. By downloading both plugins your able to let players with both lower and higher versions to join your server.

How To Install ViaVersion/Backward

  1. Download the required plugin/plugins from the buttons below.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Make sure your using either a Spigot or Paper jar.
  4. Go to the plugins section and upload both plugins.
  5. Start your server back up.

Download ViaVersion | Download Viabackwards

Minecraft Information Websites

Minecraft Fandom

One of the greatest websites for information on item data, crafting, the history of items and so much more. This is great for detailed information in each subject with everything associated with it been able to be found.

Go To Minecraft Fandom

Dig Minecraft

I probably use this the most out of all of these links. This site not only has up to date information but everything you need to know. As someone who likes to program commands blocks, function and stuff like that this is essential for item id’s, correct names and such things.

Go To Dig Minecraft

Mods and Modpacks

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft is a great site for not only mods but other add-ons and info for Minecraft. You can find lots of mods for java version and even some for PE as well. They are user created mods an uploaded by users so its always better to play it safe and check the files through virus total. You can also find free maps, skins and plenty of forums for Minecraft.

Go to Planet Minecraft


One of the largest, most well known and safest way of downloading mods either singly or by modpack. They also have the amazing new launcher where you can download and play whole modpacks with only 1 click. You can find anything from all the mods, FTB mods, RLcraft, Valhesia and many more well known packs.   Go to CurseForge | Download CurseForge Launcher

FTB Feed The Beast

Newer to the scene but no beginner the FTB site has all the FTB Modpacks ready to download. They also have a great launcher option so you can also download and play your favourite Modpacks with 1 click.

Go To Feed The Beast FTB


The most well known free mod site for PE version of Minecraft. This site has some good mods but be careful and always check the file with Virus Total first. You can also find maps and skins here. We also have a great article on the best mcpe gun mod here.


Map & World Editing

Minecraft World Painter

This amazing program lets you design whole worlds or maps, change generation, add custom biomes and like the title says allows you to paint your own world. You can change every aspect of the generation, the colours and even import and use different aspects like trees and other custom made downloads you can find for it. You can also easily convert these worlds from Java to Bedrock using programs like MCC tool chest or Je2b2.

Download World Painter

Amulet World Editor

This amazing software is free and allows you to edit worlds in both Java and Bedrock edition. You can copy and paste part of the world. Unload chunks on your map and even change biomes on selected parts of the map.

Download Amulet For Minecraft

Minecraft World Converting

MCC Tool Chest World Converter

Mctoolchest or mcctoolchest, although a bit outdated is still a great way of converting worlds or finding chucks and clearing them from your map. Finding MCC tool chest is quite hard and ive had to use the wayback machine to find the page but low and behold. The link is below for the free download.


MCC Tool Chest Download

JE2BE Minecraft World Converter

Straight from the Microsoft app store here you can download this for free and convert any Java world into Bedrock and Bedrock world into Java quickly and easily. This great Minecraft world converting tool is the most up to date and completely free way to convert a world in Minecraft. For a written guide on converting your world click here.

Download JE2BE

Chunker Minecraft World Converter

The official converting method by Minecraft. Chunker is a free and easy way to convert Minecraft worlds over from bedrock to java or java to bedrock.

Go to Chunker

Minecraft Add ons


This is an amazing free program you can use to create Minecraft functions, Minecraft add ons, Minecraft texture packs and many amazing features all Minecraft creators need to make some add on packs. Keep an eye our on the Minecraft tutorial page as we will soon have video tutorials on making functions there soon.

Download Bridge

Jdog Bedrock Add-ons

Find some of our custom created addons here and download and use them for free! All addons come with instruction on how to use them.

Go to Jdog Addons

Minecraft Texture Packs & Images Textures

Modding Minecraft can be fun as you can change almost every aspect, from behaviours to textures and even your GUI.

Here you can find links for texture pack downloads for Bedrock, Java coming soon. For a guide on how to create your own bedrock texture pack check out this tutorial.

Download links for both the texture pack and are below the video with instructions.

First download the vanilla texture pack.

bedrock vanialla resource pack

Now we need to download to edit these images easily and for free to use for our Minecraft texture pack.

download for free

Once you click on the free download option, on the next page click the Free Downlaod Now 4.3.2. option or whatever the current version is.

download for free2

Download Vanilla Pack | Download


Free Minecraft Pictures

Another awesome free tool on Get free images to download and use for your thumbnails, videos or anything else Minecrafty and all for free! No sign up required, just check what you need and download it!

free minecraft images

Go to Free Pictures

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