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Take a look through our free Bedrock addon downloads, including currency, anti explosions, textures and more.

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Find out more about our custom modpacks and where to download them from curse forge.


Play on our free to play Minecraft server for both Java and Bedrock players. Set up shop and get started.

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Use our easy search engine for MInecraft tutorials for servers or your single player worlds.


Minecraft pictures to download and use for content creators needing thumbnails & images for videos.



Looking to get an article or tutorial published? Send us in an enquiry and we will get back to you.

Minecraft Addons

All our free Minecraft addons are checked for any malicious files and uploaded only once deemed safe. We want to provide you custom, fun and safe addons for your Bedrock worlds, realms or servers. Feel free to contact my on [email protected] for any custom requests.

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Free Profile Page

You can now create a free website page to share your socials, show your projects or just have a place to link to from videos or other content you make. There are lots of free themes to choose from for your profile and even some paid themes if you want to really want to make yours stand out.


I primarily make Minecraft tutorials. These cover many categories such as bedrock commands, java plugins, mods, modpacks, creating modpacks and much more. Underneath are some of my popular videos but make sure to check out my YouTube channel or my Discord server which automatically gets the new videos sent to a channel to watch.


Do you want an awesome Minecraft website to display your server, players or features? Perhaps your develop plugins mods or other Minecraft related things that you want to sell or just make available to the world. Your Local SEO studio can create or improve any sort of website to your exact specification.

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Best UK Minecraft Server Hosting

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