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An awesome 1.19 Minigame plugin for Minecraft servers that is free, easy to setup and works really well with multiple players.

What Is The Mine Chess Minigame Plugin?

The MineChess Minigame is exactly as the name suggests, a chess minigame for your Minecraft server. It gives you a timed chest game for up to two players at a time to play with your friends.

Setup is extremely easy and literally takes minutes and the board even auto builds itself. Meaning within about 3 commands you have a chest board that’s ready to play with others.

It doesn’t even stop there. When you select our piece it will also show you where you can place it and all the rules of chess are followed.

It also comes with a pre configured scoreboard to let you know your scores and times along with a timer for the game. All together a great minigame plugin for 1.19 servers.

How To Download MineChess Minigame Plugin For 1.19

To download this plugin is easy, visit their website here and click on the download button on the top right of the page.

Once downloaded you will have the plugin on your downloads list as a jar type file. You don’t need to open the file, simply keep it to be uploaded to your server now. You don’t need any other plugin for this one to work, its a stand alone plugin.

How To Install Mine Chess Minigame Plugin On Your Server

Step 1. Download the MineChess plugin using the section above.

Step 2. Stop your server (this is a spigot plugin so you can use either a spigot server or we recommend a paper server)

Step 3. Login to your FTP file access or FileZilla.

Step 4. Upload the plugin to the plugin folder

Step 5. Start your server.

How To Set Up Your Minigame Chess Board & Lobby

Setting Up Your Lobby

To setup the lobby stand where the lobby is going to be and type:

/chess setmainlobby

Next we create the chessboard name:

Creating The Chessboard

/chess create nameofchessboard

Now its time to build the board, make sure there is plenty of open space around you and type:

/chess build nameofchessboard

Then stand were you want the players to spawn by the board ad type:

/chess set spawn nameofchessboard

To enable it we then have to type:

Getting Started

/chess enable nameofchessboard

Finally go to your lobby area and put down a sign and type the lines below on the sign:
(Don’t type in Line 1 or Line 2 this indicates what line to put it on the sign post)

Line 1 – [Chess]
Line2 – nameofchessboard

Exit out of the sign and if done correctly this will now switch into the gaming lobby board

To start a game simply click the sign and wait for another player to join you.

Final Thoughts Of Mine Chess Minigame Plugin 1.19

Once setup the playing is very self explanatory. The plugin indicated when a player has his or hers turn and even shows you where you can place each piece. This is a super fun plugin, easy to install and a great addition for any 1.19 server looking to add a minigame plugin.

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