gun mod minecraft pe edition

Best Gun Mod For Minecraft PE


With Minecraft PE growing in popularity we have put together a list so you can find the perfect gun mod for Minecraft PE to play on your servers or worlds.

Gun Mod For Minecraft PE

Where to Download a Gun Mod for Minecraft PE?

Well there are a few places you can find downloads of mods/plugins for Minecraft PE.

Planet Minecraft is a great place to find all sorts of mods for Minecraft and that also includes mods/plugins for Minecraft PE edition too.

Poggit has a great amount of more updated plugins for Pocketmine servers on Minecraft PE and Bedrock edition.

MCPE-Planet has also got some good mods and will be from where we have found the gun mods for Minecraft PE in this article.

With lots of gun mods on Java edition its about time we get a good gun mod for craft PE edition or Bedrock edition in general.

3D Weapons Mod For Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.4.0 – 1.18.1

This Minecraft PE gun mod will give you a variety of unique guns to use in your world. Both single and multiplayer friendly you and your friends can start blasting each other with a mix of space age and original guns.

This will vary from pistols, for short range quick shooting. Quick to equip and take down any hostile mob or player trying to take you down.

Lasers, from the times where its dark, your alone in a cave and need some back up to take down creepers, Endermen and any other hostile mobs coming your way.

minecraft gun mod for pe

Snipers for long range shooting, create a tower in your base and guard in safety from a distance! Along with that you AK’s and other awesome gun mod for Minecraft PE.

Also included is a portal gun to create portal entrances/exits to travel out of dangerous situations.

GTA Mod For Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.2.8 – 1.18.1

Although not immediately labelled as a gun mod, any one who has played GTA knows that the game heavily relies on guns. Making this a great gun for Minecraft PE.

Upon further inspection is has a variety of a few weapons that replace standard weapon in the game. The selection isnt quite as large but involves some simple weapons like the knife, pistol and MP5.

minecraft mcpe gun mod

Another great addition to this mod is that is has turned some of the naturally spawning mobs into the GTA san Andrea’s gang members.

They have also been programmed to fight each other leading to some very fun gameplay. Another thing that has been added is the addition of policemen that at first can be friendly. But will look for a reason to attack you as they are also some what corrupt.

gun mod Minecraft pe

Gun Mod For Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 0.1.0 – 1.18.1

This gun mod for Minecraft PE has pros and cons. The free version has some weapons unavailable that can only be purchased from the official website. Along with that they have warned that it might infact be a bit buggy with newer versions as they will only be updating the paid version.

So this gun mod might have some problems if using the free version.

Boasting minimal to no lag with the way the developer have made the gun this is exiting for Pocketmine servers where you might want to watch out for lag.

Laser guns that can slice through blocks to help with mining exploration or to get you out of a sticky situation.

You get 25 weapon variations including swords and cannons also, meaning that you get a huge variety of guns to use for Minecraft PE.

From ice swords to flaming batons and even cannons this is a great mod you should try out!

Minecraft gun mod pe
gun mod minecraft pe edition
gun mod pe edition

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