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How to Create a Modpack On CurseForge Launcher


Lets find out how you can make your own custom modpack on the CurseForge launcher to play on your single player or servers.

CurseForge Launcher

Create a Modpack on The CurseForge Launcher

Using the launcher, it has made this super easy to download mods and then add them to a pack. Not only is it easy to create a Minecraft modpack on CurseForge but it also only shows you compatible mods.

This means that once you choose your version, whether its 1.12.2 or 1.16.5 you can find the correct mods and wont be shown the non working ones for your version.

You can easily test mods and remove them if needed, and then the most important part is exporting which is also been made so anyone can do it easily.

Creating a CurseForge Modpack Video Guide

Creating a CurseForge Modpack Witten Guide

  • Download the CurseForge Launcher and sign in using your Microsoft or Mojang account.
  • Select Minecraft from the main CurseForge page once in app.
Minecraft on CurseForge Launcher
  • Select the “Create Custom Profile Option
create modpack on curseforge
  • Write out a Profile Name, choose your Minecraft Version, and the type or java version you want. Either Forge or Fabric.
create modpack on curseforge
  • Once you have created your new profile, select the profile and click on “Add More Content
add mods to modpack
  • Now simply use the search bar along the top to find mods, and once you find ones you want click the install button to add them to your modpack.
install mods to modpacks
  • Its just a case now of pressing Play and playing your created modpack!
playing on created modpack

Minecraft Help With Modpacks

If you need any more assistance with mod packs, you have a few options on here. Create a ticket and we will get back to you with some advice or ask in our Minecraft Forum.

New Modpacks on CurseForge

Ive created some Modpacks myself that you can all check out and play, head on over to our modpack page for more information.

Ive got a range of Modpacks. One you can currently play on the HavoCraft server. This one is Fallout inspired server and survival modpack with gun mods, vehicle mods, and a load of other cool stuff.

Craft Theft Auto is a modpack set in city generation, with gun mods, vehicle mods, vehicle customization mods, talking citizens and much more fun. Another survival modpack with a difference.

You also have Termination Nation. This is my re creation of an impossible style modpack for the most hardcore players much like RL Craft. However I have used much less in terms of mods but yet have some amazing features to keep the game, dare I say it. Even harder than RL Craft!

You not only have the crazy mobs from RL Craft but a whole other set of daemons, monsters and quite frankly the biggest bad guys ive ever seen on Minecraft.

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  1. […] Once forge is installed you will be given the mod folder in the file for forge where you can upload mods or modpacks. It only takes a few steps and once you have got started you can add any mods that match your version or even create your own modpacks. […]

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