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Turning a £200 Amazon Voucher Into £2000

Hey guys! back again with another YouTube series and this time its a very different to normal. I will of course still be doing my Minecraft tutorials for everyone as I still love the game and all the things you can do with it.

How ever to keep things spicy I wanted to challenge myself to see if something is possible. So in this video i will be trying to run my £200 amazon voucher into £2000 by trying any method (legal of course) to see if I can hustle my way up to £2000.

The first episode is out and we start of planning what we can do and going through possibilities. Unfortunately i have no sure fire method of doing this and everything ive been learning is simply from YouTube. So I’m very interested myself whether this will turn out to be a success or a huge failure.. only time will tell!

So make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check it out, leave any comments of ideas you might have and of course dont forget to sub to keep up with any following episodes to check my progress.

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