quests on the universal server

New Quests On The Universal Server


New features getting added to the Universal Minecraft Server. Adding quests to earn money or items around the map!

How to Join?

Joining the server is easy! You can join using either Bedrock or Java. You can find the address to join on the official Universal Server page. If you use Xbox or PlayStation we have a guide for how to join the server using a free app here.

More About The New Quest Feature!

So after spending some money on the citizens plugin to make spawn feel more alive, i found another awesome plugin to create complete and extremely fun quests on the server!

This is new but will be worked on in all my spare time as there is a story line that will also be planned with this.

Currently we have 1 quest that you can find at spawn, its not too hard and its my first setup but you can earn a diamond!

Finding quest locations is easy on the server using live map preview that you can view with any device connected to the internet. Showing you a live preview of the world, players and locations.

To get started, type /quests and you can manage any active quests. Including cancelling them.

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