How to install and setup dynmap

How to Install And Setup Dynmap On a Minecraft Server


Easy first time installation guide to dynmap for a live preview of your servers map. A quick and easy guide to get you setup and ready.

What Is Dynmap?

First of all let me explain what dynmap is and does. Its is a google earth style of viewing your server live. It also shows your players locations, names and status as well as other markers and land claims depending on the integrations your using. The dynmap plugins works well with many other well known plugins.

You can install the plugin, and after some simple setup have a webpage connected to your server that you can share to view the live map. It not only shows you a birds eye view version if 2D but also a 3D version, a cave version and optionally your nether and end worlds.

How To Download & Install Dynmap

  1. Visit the download page for the dynmap plugins and download dynmap.
  2. Upload the plugin to your plugin folder using your plugin installer or FileZilla & your FTP file access
  3. Start your server, once started then stop it again and go to the FTP file access to view server files.
  4. Open your plugin folder and open the dynmap folder.
  5. Click “edit” on the configuration.txt file.
  6. Change the resolution in the deftemplatesuffix to vlower or loweres.
  7. Change the number for the webserver-port to any number over 1024.
  8. Change the image-format to jpg.
  9. Save and start the server back up.
  10. Go to your server console area and type:
    dynmap fullrender >worldname<
    The name has to match what your world file is saved as.
  11. Once fully rendered, to visit the map look up in the console data and it will display your servers IP, followed by a colon and then the port your created. Paste this into a web browser to view your page.
    This will looking something like this example: 23.123.12:1354

Dynmap plugin

Dynmap commands

FileZilla download

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