how to make a painting in Minecraft

How to Make a Painting in Minecraft


Wanting to spice up your world? Lets look into how to make a Painting in Minecraft. Items needed, how to find them and how to move and place paintings.

how to make a painting in Minecraft

Introduction on How to Make a Painting In Minecraft

Paintings are a great item when decorating the inside of your Minecraft house. The beauty of Minecraft is the versatility of all the blocks allowing you to create many things with different items to imitate them well.

How ever with Minecraft Paintings you have a specifically made decoration that comes with different selections ready to place. Not only do they have a different selection of paintings available but also different sizes of paintings for different sized buildings.

So enough about this awesome item lets get into how to find the items, and how to make a painting in Minecraft.

Items Needed to Make a Painting In Minecraft

First things first and as with almost everything in Minecraft it involves collecting some items to craft the painting. The items to make a painting are actually really easy to obtain so you can be creating awesome home decorations for your Minecraft house in no time.

  • 8 Sticks
  • 1 Wool
  • 1 Crafting Table
how to make a painting in Minecraft

Where to Find Items to Make a Painting in Minecraft


Lets get started with the Sticks first. There are a few ways to collect or craft sticks. First of all you have a chance of getting sticks by breaking leaves from a tree. (With out shears) Another way is to break down the tree and use the wood collected to craft sticks using a crafting table.


For wool there is only one source and that will be sheep. Sheep although easy to find, can sometimes prove impossible to find when you actually need them.

You may also require shears to shear the wool from the sheep. This is optional as you can also kill the sheep and still have a good chance of it dropping the wool as an item.

The spawn in grassy Biomes at the surface level, usually in a group of 2-3. They require 2 blocks of space above them and also a light source of around 7 and higher. So by heading to grassy areas with lots of space, it will increase your chances of finding a sheep by quite a lot.

They Dont spawn in to Snowy Tundra Biomes or Wooden Badlands Plateau. So dont waste your time looking here.

How to Make a Painting In Minecraft

Now that we have all our items its time to Make a Painting. First of all place your crafting table down so we can start adding the items.

You want to fill all the surrounding boxes in the crafting table with the 8 sticks leaving one space in the middle for the wool.

how to make a painting in Minecraft

Now add in the wool you collected from the sheep to the crafting table in the middle slot to craft the Minecraft painting. You will now be able to collect the painting and place it in your inventory.

how to make a painting in Minecraft

How to Place and Pick Up Paintings

To place a painting simply right click (use the action button) on a wall you want to place it on. The paintings have a varied selection and it will randomly choose a painting to fill in.

The paintings are also space dependant meaning if you have a small 4 block wall. It will create a painting of that size. And if you have a huge wall it will try to find a painting to match the size. It doesnt always match but it tries to fill the place as best it can.

To remove a painting simply break it with any item in your hand and you can collect it and put it up anywhere else.

Did you know you can create new texture packs to create new Minecraft paintings?

how to make a painting in Minecraft

How to Create Secret Doors With Paintings

One fun thing you can do with paintings is create secret doors that look like a wall. This is done as paintings are entities that you can run through. Meaning they wont block you by passing through them.

Using this method you can make a painting in Minecraft for a large wall and then take out 2 of the blocks behind it to create a secret passageway. This way everyone will think its just a nice decoration of your house, but you now have a secret bunker in your Minecraft house that other people may not know about. Especially when playing on a realm or Minecraft server.

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