how to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft

How to Carve a Pumpkin In Minecraft


Lets find out how to carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft with an easy step by step guide. Along with other features you can do with Carved Pumpkins.

how to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft

How to Carve a Pumpkin In Minecraft

Introduction to Carved Pumpkins in Minecraft

If your looking for how to carve a pumpkin then you have come to the right place. Lets go through how to carve pumpkins, where to find pumpkins and other uses craved pumpkins have in Minecraft.

These fruit blocks naturally spawn in most of the over world biomes. They can be used to create carved pumpkins, pumpkin pie, golems, and even jack o lanterns.

Carved Pumpkins can also be made into funny pranks for friends or to save you from Endermen in the end. As we all know how hard it can be to fight the dragon with them pesky Endermen spawning in on you.

We will start of on how and where to find Minecraft Pumpkins, how to create shears to carve them and finally how to carve a pumpkin. Then, we have all the other fun things we can do with them after you have carved one yourself.

Where to Find Pumpkins in Minecraft

crave pumpkins in minecraft

So pumpkins spawn generally in any overworld biome providing they have grass and at least 1 block of air above them. Each chunk has a 1/32 chance of spawning a pumpkin patch making them rarer than diamonds in some cases.

There are some areas that have a bigger chance that you will find them as they naturally generate there, places you can find pumpkins more frequently are:

  • Woodland Mansion Farm Rooms
  • Woollen Tends in Pillager Outposts
  • Taigas and Snowy Taiga Villages

The fastest way to farm pumpkins is normally by axe. And you might even be lucky enough to find a carved pumpkin in a pillager outpost in the form of a scarecrow.

How to Make Shears to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

Once you have collected your pumpkins its time to create a carved pumpkin. But first we need to get some shears as this is needed to carve the pumpkin.

Its time to get your mining boots out and find some iron! But dont worry only 2 raw iron will be needed. When you do get your two pieces of iron, just add it to your furnace along with some fuel. and get your 2 iron ingots.

Now head over to your crafting table and add the two iron ingots like the picture below. Now you have yourself some shears to carve your pumpkin. And if you have never uses shears before you will be glad to know you can now also collect other items like leaves from trees and other naturally generated blocks with out breaking them.

Click here for a more in-depth look at what you can shear in Minecraft on Minecraft Fandom.

how to make shears in minecraft

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

Now we have everything ready we can finally crave our pumpkin. So place down your Pumpkin, collect your shears and simple right click (if on pc) on the pumpkin to crave it.

If you using another device like mobile, switch, PlayStation or Xbox. It will be your action button rather than your break button. The one that craves trees or you use to interact with buttons.

Once sheared you can now break the block and you will have a craved pumpkin to use.

Wearable and Pranks

carved pumpkin


A great way to have fun with pumpkins is putting them on a friends head as it gives them the sight of the craved pumpkin. How ever it doesnt just end there. You can use this to make you invulnerable to Endermen as they can no longer see you or attack you if you have this carved pumpkin on your head.

So a great tip if your taking down the dragon is to have carved pumpkin on you to stop the pesky Endermen attacking you whilst your fighting the dragon which is hard enough.


Looking to prank a friend? Did you know that you can add curse of binding to a craved pumpkin? Thats correct, get yourself carved pumpkin, get yourself an enchanted book with curse of binding. Add the two together using an anvil and the next person to wear this will not be able to remove it from their head. Excellent fun.

carved pumpkin prank

Creating Iron Golems with Carved Pumpkins

Now lets go through some of the other fun features a carved pumpkin has. First lets create an iron golem. These friendly giants like to protect villagers with their lives. They are friendly to players too unless you hurt on of his/hers beloved villagers.

If this happens they eyes will go red and its time to run unless you want to get pinged into the air, followed shortly by a Minecraft death.

Its fairly simple to create but it does require 3 Iron Blocks and 1 Carved Pumpkin. Simple place the iron blocks in a T formation. So 2 blocks up and one on either side of the top block.

Once you have your T shape its time to add the carved pumpkin on the top middle of the T shape as a head and an iron golem will now appear.

create iron golem with carve pumpkin

Creating Snow Golems with Carved Pumpkins

Another great entity you can create in game with out being in creative mode is a Snow Golem. Now you have learned how to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft its time to start using it where ever possible.

To create a Snow Golem simply collect 2 Snow Blocks and 1 Carved Pumpkin.

Now to collect snow you will need an enchanted silk touch shovel. If you dont have this simply break the snow with a regular shovel and create a snow block using 4 snow balls that you collect from the original broken snow block.

Once you have obtained or crafted the items its time to create a 2 block high shape with the 2 snow blocks. So two blocks straight up. Then put the Carved Pumpkin on top and it will instantly turn into a Snow Golem. Just be aware it will leave an ice trail behind it when moving.

snow golem Minecraft

Making a Jack O Lantern With a Carved Pumpkin

Looking for a cooler looking light source? Or perhaps its coming up to Halloween and you want to decorate your server or realm? Its time to put your new skill in how to make crave a pumpkin to use again.

Collect your carved pumpkin and head to a crafting table. You will require 1 Carved Pumpkin and 1 Torch per Jack O Lantern.

Now place the Carved Pumpkin in the top middle of the table and a torch in the middle to create a Jack O Lantern.

How to Grow Pumpkins

With every great farmer comes the need for more produce. So lets find out how to grow more pumpkin by creating seeds and farming them.

First you will need a pumpkin and a normal wheat seed. You can now combine both the pumpkin and seed to create a pumpkin seed. Now to farm simply hoe your land within 4 spaces of a water block. Place your pumpkin seed and leave one space free either side of the plant for the pumpkin to grow as it grows next to the plant.

The Help Desk

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