How to Install Minecraft Origins Mod | Fabric 1.16.5


Install Minecraft Origins Mod to your PC quickly and easily with these few steps. And get started with your super powers.

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What Does The Origins Mod Do?

By installing Minecraft Origins mod your able to start of and keep a super power through out your Minecraft world. There range from arachnid climbing features. To flying and other cool powers you can use. Be careful though as some might turn out to become problematic to you later in the game.

In this article you will find out how to install it and all about the abilities your able to choose. Ill have a list of pros and cons for each ability so you can make a wise choice before starting your game with the Minecraft origins mod.

What Is Needed to Run The Origins Mod

It runs on a Fabric 1.16.5 jar. It will also need the Fabric API mod installed. We will be using the CurseForge Installer rather than doing it manually, as its a much more stable and working method to run mods on CurseForge.

How to Install Minecraft Origins Mod Guide

  1. Install the CurseForge App on your PC.
  2. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions and sign in using your Mojang Account or your Microsoft account if you have migrated.
  3. Choose Minecraft form the main menu.
  4. Click on Create Custom Profile on the top right of the app.
  5. Name your profile, choose version 1.16.5, choose Fabric and tap create.
  6. Now find the puzzle piece icon under play (add more content) and use the search bar to look for origins, then install it.
    The Fabric API mod that is needed already comes installed with the Fabric installation.
  7. With the origins mod installed and fabric already installed its just a case of pressing play on your profile and loading up the game.
how to install origins mod with fabric

Playing Origins Mod Minecraft

Now that you have downloaded and installed the origins mod. You can log in and create a new world.

At the start you will get given a choice of what power you wish to choose. These will give you a beneficial effect as well as a less beneficial effect to go with it. For instance with the Enderian power, you an teleport like a enderman, but your also susceptible to water and it will deal damage to you.

What Powers Can You Choose in The Origins Mod

Human Origins Ability

how to install origins mod human ability

If you wish to not choose any super powers then simply choose human. No positive or negative effect will be given to you and you can continue your game as normal. This is best for servers where not everyone wants to play with that mod. They can choose not too.#

Arachnid Origins Ability

how to install origins mod arachnid ability


You can climb any walls like a spider, travel through cobweb easily and when you hit an opposing player they get stuck in cobwebs.


You are a carnivore so you can only eat meat. You are also much more fragile and get 3 less hearts than normal.

Avian Origins Ability

how to install origins mod avian ability


You get feather falling so dont get hurt from falling impact. Every morning you wake up, you lay an egg. Your a little bit quicker on foot than other meaning you can get away if needed whilst they cant keep up.


When sleeping your best must be at least 86 blocks up in the air for you to be able to breath fresh air. As a vegetarian you will no longer be able to digest meat.

Blazeborn Origins Ability

how to install origins mod blazeborn abilty


You get fire immunity, descended from the nether you need to be able to explore safely. If you are on fire you deal addition attack damage to others. Due to your hot body you are immune to poison and hunger issues that other players might face.


Your natural spawn will now be the nether, so get used to it. Your going to be spending a lot of time there. Being a blazeborn means that water will deal damage to you if it gets in contact.

Elytrian Origins Anility

how to install origins mod elytrian ability


You have elytra wings wiht out having to equip any. Every 30 seconds you are able to launch up 20 blocks in the air. You deal much more damage in an elytra fight.


You cant wear any protection higher than chain mail. If you find yourself in a confined area for too long you will become weaker and slower. You also take more damage from flying or falling into blocks.

Feline Origins Ability

how to install origins mod feline ability


No fall damage is received, no matter how far the fall. You can jump higher whilst sprinting. Creepers are scared of you and will only explode if attacked by you. You can slightly see in the dark when not in water.


You get 1 less heart than humans. You can only mine natural stone if there are 2 other natural stone blocks adjacent to it.

Merling Origins Ability

how to install origins mod merlin abilty


You can breath underwater. Your vision underwater is perfect. Your able to break blocks underwater like others can on land. Water speed is also increased. Underwater you do not sink unless you choose too.


You cant breath whilst out of the water. (Big Con)

Phantom Origins Ability

how to install origins mod phantom ability


Your skin appears translucent. Whilst in your phantom form you can go through blocks (except obsidian). When in your phantom form you are also invisible.


You begin to burn in the day light, unless your invisible. Extra hunger leading to hunger bar going down quicker. You also have 3 less hearts than humans.

Shulk Origins Ability

how to install origins mod shulk ability


You have an additional 9 inventory slots that get kept even after death. No need for armour when you skin provided natural protection. You can break natural stones with out the use of pickaxe with your strong hands.


Due to your hand shape you cant hold a shield upright. You exhaust much faster than others meaning you need to eat more.

Random Origins Ability

how to install origins mod random ability

Not able to make the decision yourself? You also have a random option which will give you a random pick of one of the above abilities to play with. Careful though as this ability will stay with you untill the end.


This is a super fun modpack with lots of quirks. I can image this would be perfect for a Minecraft server where you can play with your friends and experience all the benefits of multiple abilities. Perhaps even a super hero server?

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