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Best Cross Platform Minecraft Minigame Plugins


Lets take a look at the best Minigame plugins that work for Cross Platform Minecraft servers that use Geyser.

Cross Platform Friendly Plugins

With Crossplay servers become more and more popular due to bedrock and java players finally being able to play together. Inevitably we want to find out what good Minecraft minigame plugins will be compatible with servers using Geyser.

With many plugins not compatible or just buggy I found the top 3 plugins to use for your cross platform server that look professional and work well for both java and bedrock.

Minecraft Minigame Download Links Here. (Plugily)

Villager Defence Minecraft Minigame Plugin

best Minecraft minigame plugin

Lets get started with the Villager Defence Minigame, an amazingly entertaining plugin that can also be played single player on servers.

What Can I Do In Villager Defence?

The objective is to keep all 20 villagers safe, they will have doors to their houses and waves of zombies coming to get them.

The waves get bigger as you progress and harder too. Survive the waves and keep your villagers safe!

What Features Do I Get?

Easy setup including sepperate Lobbies, starting/ending points. Spectator modes and your able to create multiple arenas.

In game you can choose form kits that unlock as you progress. And also use orbs generated by killing zombies to buy items you can set in the in game shop. The in game shop has to be pre programmed but the setup is easy.

Compatibility and Game Play

As you can see in the video above the gameplay is great, experiencing no log and all the features work fully. Bedrock players can fully see the API with scoreboard displays and also buy items from the game shop.

Murder Mystery Minecraft Minigame Plugin

Minecraft murder mystery plugin

A classic Minecraft Minigame now with the ability to run on a cross platform Minecraft server. This has a minimum of 2 players and has a really cool set of extra features that it adds to enhance gameplay.

What Is The Objective of Murder Mystery?

One player by random gets chosen to be the murderer, another to be the sheriff and others to be be normal players. The murderer has to sneakily kill the other players with out getting noticed or killed.

The sheriff has to try and find the murderer and the other players simply have to try and stay alive. And try and make it till the end of the count down.

What Features Are In The Murder Mystery Plugin?

Easy setup as normal, the ability to set multiple spawn locations easily, and a great GUI & API.

You can set gold spawners to spawn gold through out your map. You can the use this on the cauldrons you setup to get mystery prizes that either give you an advantage or disadvantage in the game for some seconds.

You can also create a enchantment table with an awesome feature of praying to the developers. This will either give you and awesome extra feature or one that sucks and hinders your winning ability.

Compatibility and Gameplay

Great compatibility and game play, only one thing I noticed is that bedrock can use the cauldron but not the enchantment table. Apart form that everything works really well.

Build Battle Minecraft Minigame Plugin

Another classic Minecraft minigame with the build battle plugin. Select from 3 game modes and build the greatest creation to then be put to the vote from the other players.

What Do You Do In Build Battle?

Compete and out build other players on your game. You are in creative mode but kept within a safe space so no one can use their abilities to grief or get extra items. Build as fast as you can in the timer time and then put the builds ot the vote at the end.

What Features Do You Get With The Build Battle Minigame?

Free maps that can be found on the plugily discord. Floor changers, themed game modes, single or 2 player game modes so you can also team up and build with your friends.

Put the builds up for the vote suing a really professional voting system and even get celebratory fireworks for the winner.

Compatibility and Gameplay

This minigame plugins works great with both bedrock and java and is one of the best minigame plugin I can find for Cross platform servers.

The level of detail is amazing and the developers were clearly aiming for a premium style plugin for people to use.


All these plugins have been created by Plugily. Show these guys some support or consider buying some of the paid for adds ons to the minigame if you enjoy their content!

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