TOP 10 minecraft farming plugins

Top 10 Farming Plugins for Minecraft


Minecraft, a sandbox game that offers a unique adventure, survival and multiplayer functions which has a plethora of plugins that can enhance your farming experience for servers. Here are the top 10 best farming plugins that you should consider for your Minecraft server.

These include plugins that directly help for farming but also other plugins that can be used to help your farming adventure by providing further features that will help.

1. McMMO

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McMMO is a classic Minecraft plugin that enhances the vanilla Minecraft farming experience with various RPG style elements.

McMMO doesn’t simply enhance the farming experience, but rather redefines it by adding unique abilities, bonuses, and skills to the farming process. Farming isn’t just about planting crops; it becomes an immersive and rewarding task that provides a whole new set of challenges and rewards.

Plugin Features

  • Unique farming skills and abilities
  • Leveling system for different farming activities
  • Special farming-based rewards

2. FarmLimiter

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FarmLimiter is an indispensable plugin for server admins who want to control and limit farming activities on their servers.

By setting limits on crop growth and animal breeding, FarmLimiter allows admins to maintain server performance without sacrificing the farming experience. FarmLimiter can reduce lag and improve server stability, while still maintaining a fun and rewarding farming experience for players.

Plugin Features

  • Limiting the number of farm animals
  • Control over the speed of crop growth
  • Enhanced server performance

3. Jobs Reborn

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Jobs Reborn is an expansive plugin that adds jobs to Minecraft, including jobs related to farming.

This plugin allows players to become farmers, earning in-game currency for their hard work on the fields. The Jobs Reborn plugin also adds a level-up feature, meaning the more a player farms, the more money they can earn from their crops.

Plugin Features

  • Adds a Farmer job role to Minecraft
  • Earn in-game currency through farming
  • Level-up system for enhanced job earnings

4. CropChecker

best farming plugin crop checker
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CropChecker allows players to check the growth status of crops without breaking them, helping streamline the farming process.

This simple yet effective plugin makes farming a more manageable and efficient task by providing instant information about crop maturity. Simply right-click on a crop, and you’ll know if it’s time to harvest.

Plugin Features

  • Easy checking of crop maturity
  • Prevents crop waste from premature harvesting
  • Increases farming efficiency

5. Mob Farm Manager

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Mob Farm Manager is an essential plugin for those who want to venture into mob farming.

Mob farming can sometimes cause lag and degrade server performance. Mob Farm Manager solves these issues by limiting the number of mobs that can spawn in a certain area, controlling mob spawning, and effectively managing mob farms.

Plugin Features

  • Control over mob spawn numbers
  • Enhanced mob farm management
  • Improved server performance

6. AutomaticInventory

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AutomaticInventory is a fantastic quality-of-life plugin that simplifies inventory management, which is especially helpful for large scale farming operations.

This plugin automatically sorts your inventory and chests, saving you time and effort that can be better spent tending to your crops or livestock.

Plugin Features

  • Automatic inventory sorting
  • Automatic chest sorting
  • Time-saving inventory management

7. EpicFarming

EpicFarming brings a whole new level of complexity and engagement to Minecraft farming by introducing a unique farm upgrade system.

With this plugin, you can level up your farms, increasing their efficiency and output. This RPG-style progression system makes farming an even more engaging and rewarding part of Minecraft gameplay.

Plugin Features

  • Farm upgrade system
  • Increased farming efficiency
  • Rewarding progression system

8. StackMob

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StackMob is a fantastic tool for mob farming as it reduces the strain on servers by stacking similar mobs together into a single entity.

This plugin significantly reduces server lag and improves performance, especially on servers with large mob farms. Despite the stacking, each mob still drops loot as if they were separate entities.

Plugin Features

  • Mob stacking to reduce server load
  • Maintain normal mob loot drops despite stacking
  • Improve server performance

9. Better farming

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Allows players to create automated farms for a Minecraft server. this includes multiple farms and farm blocks. This includes farm protection, upgrades, members and joining feature. Also included are holograms to check farm stats to make your farming server one of a kind.

Plugin Features

  • Farm protection
  • Farm automation
  • Upgrades
  • Member management
  • farm fuel
  • Anti trample

10. TreeAssist

TreeAssist is an excellent plugin for players who consider wood farming as a part of their agricultural endeavor.

This plugin simplifies the tedious task of chopping down trees by making the whole tree fall when you cut its base, just like in real life. TreeAssist not only makes wood farming easier but also saves a lot of time that can be spent on other farming tasks.

Plugin Features

  • Simplified tree felling
  • Automatic sapling replanting
  • Time-saving wood farming

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these plugins can drastically improve your farming experience in Minecraft by introducing new features, providing quality of life improvements, or enhancing server performance. Whether you’re into crop farming, mob farming, or wood farming, there’s a plugin on this list that will suit your needs. Happy farming! Alternatively if your looking for Minecraft minigame plugins such as Minechess, check out this post.

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