10 Best Minecraft Plugins For 1.19+ With Guides

10 Best Minecraft Plugins For 1.19+ With Guides

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Lets take a look at the top 10 best plugins for 1.19 Minecraft servers. We also have a video to show all 10 plugins.

Top 10 Plugins For a 1.19 Minecraft Server

Plugins for Minecraft servers allow you to do many different things, from anti cheats, player heads, minigames and more. There is always a plugin to suit your server need. So we have put together a list of the 10 best minecraft plugins that you can use for your 1.19 Minecraft server. For this we used a paper server so we can support either bukkit or spigot plugins.

Download links if you’re in a rush!

Plugins In The ListDownload Link
10. Essentialsx Plugin Download
9. Geyser & FloodgateDownload
8. Villager MarketDownload
7. Weapon MechanicsDownload
6. ViaVersionDownload
5. Saber FactionsDownload
4. MineChessDownload
3. Custom ItemsDownload
2. Grim AnticheatDownload
1. Grief PreventionDownload

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10. Essentialsx Plugin

This plugins works well with 1.19 servers and can be download from the essentialsx site for the latest version plus extra add ons.

extra addons for essentialsx plugin

This plugins gives you hundreds of new commands to make normal commands shorter or just give you many more options to use in your server. Its very intuitive and makes administration, moderation and also functionality of the server much easier.

It provides features such as set home or tp home so players can easily set a home place and teleport back if needed.

You can set warps for your players to use along with tpa commands to let them teleport to each other. Meaning you don’t need extra plugins taking up more space on your server.

You can set and give player kits for the players that are accessible through commands that you can give to them. Full permission list here. Use a permissions plugins such as Luckperms to give your players the relevant permissions for commands.

This comes along with a full economy (requires vault) with pay player commands, sell to server commands and even sign posts you can enable to let your players create their own shops to buy and sell.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4131]

9. Geyser & Floodgate

Using the combination of both Geyser and floodgate you can easily and within 15 minutes have Bedrock players playing on your Java server. It provides some amazing code translating between Java and Bedrock that makes gameplay non lagy and very playable.

At first you used to have to have a java account and sign in but now with the plugin called floodgate this authorisation is done automatically and means you don’t need a java account and can simply log in with Bedrock.

The only thing you really need to do once installed is change some configuration to match your IP and Port for your server and your good to go! Brilliant plugin for any 1.19 server.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4122]

8. Villager Market Plugin

Villager market is a great 1.19 plugin that gives you not only the ability to create server shops. But also player shops that they can use to buy or rent to sell their own items.

best minecraft plugins shops

Its easy configuration means that not only are server shops easy to set up, but also shops t rent take minutes to setup and price, and are easy for the players to set up too.

One of the best things about this plugin is the easy ability to sell commands, by charging for a command and then executing the command if the player has enough currency. It works great with vault and essentials or any other economy plugin.

You can also use this to give free kits that have time delays or limits to how many a player can buy and its super versatile for any 1.19 server.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4119]

7. Weapon Mechanics Gun Plugin

If your looking for guns on your Minecraft server but don’t want to use mods, install forge and have to go through all that faf then this is the perfect plugin for you.

By simply installing the gun plugin on a 1.19 server it will automatically work with no more installation or configuration needed. Its that easy.

Guns are all available by using the plugin commands, you can find our previous post here which included the commands for the guns. These range from pistols to Ak’s. Grenades to air strikes and all with ammo to use as well.

This works well with shaders installed also and can really turn up the level of excitement on your server. This can also be used with the villager market plugins command sell feature and sell weapons from the villager for a price! It even displays in the menu nicely so players can see what gun they will buy from the shop.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4138]

6. Viaversion & Viabackwards Plugins

Have you always wandered how some servers allow all version on no matter how old or new? This can be easily done by installing either viabackwards or viaversion to allow older or newer Minecraft version on to your server.

This can be great for servers that rely on a plugin that hasn’t updated, servers using geyser and floodgate for the version switch over, and generally just to allow more players on to your server.

This 1.19 plugin will work from the box and there is no configuration or setup required, simply download and upload to your server and your done.

ViaVersion will allow anyone that has a newer version than your server to join, for example if your server is 1.16. A player using 1.19 can still join and play.

Viabackwards allows you to let on players all the way back to 1.8, so even if the players are playing outdated Minecraft versions they can still join easily.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4122]

5. Saber Factions Minigame Plugin

Another great plugin for any 1.19 server. Saber factions gives you the complete factions experience for free! With one simple download you can get started on you world with factions, claims, banks, missions and much more.

Claims are clearly marked and you can even use the commands to find other ones near you, describe your faction and also full member control and permissions. With vault, an economy plugin and a small config change you can use the currency for factions also.

This 1.19 plugin also works with multiverse and having multiple worlds. Simply create one with factions and you can block the commands on the other worlds using a permissions plugin such as luckperms.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4149]

4. Mine Chess Minigame Plugin

If you are a fan of chess or simply ant a fun 2 player game for your 1.19 serer then the MineChess minigame plugin is the one for you. This gives you the full chess experience full with automation and assistance with playing.

With only 4 commands you can set up and auto build a complete chess board to play in seconds once setup. Lobbies are easy to set and you can use this with multiple worlds using multiverse.

The pawns can be selected on your turn and will show you the spaces they can go too. Each turn is timed and you can also check your stats easy with a simple command.

Written Guide


3. Custom Items Plugin 1.19

This normally free plugin has released a free version allowing you to create 2 free custom items for your Minecraft server.

These can have different abilities attached, come as different items and it has a great amount of in game configurability to it.

All editing can be done in game with their easy to use GUI and can really help customize your server with items that players can use or find else where.

There is a bit to learn with this one so we suggest taking a look at their wiki page to find out more and how to use the plugin on your 1.19 server.

2. Grim Anti Cheat Plugin

If you are looking for a free to use and open source anti cheat then you will be happy to find that grim ticks the boxes.

With a simply installation it will now keep track of all players and even give you a display of anything results found.

It intuitively also shows you the client brand so you can see if the players are using well known exploit version.

You can find many positive reviews on the download page on spigot and so far i have used it and its done a great job detecting cheaters and also not causing much lag on the server.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4162]

1. Grief Prevention Plugin 1.19

One of my favourite and most used plugin for any 1.19 server. As the title suggest its saves you from grief, and this is true and tested by myself. Firstly it provides an easy claim system to make sure your plot is safe. This can be done by placing your first chest or using a golden shovel (configurable to other items) to mark your area.

Any item, crop, mob or frame is now complete defended against tnt, creepers, stealing and grief of any kind. This also stops many exploits with other plugins that allow pushed or cannon tnt to enter.

Not only will tnt explosions above sea level be completely disabled but creepers will not cause any damage to any block ever again.

To put it simply, it stops any grief, stealing (from secured plots) and stops mobs being used as weapons, as well as other well known “exploding” items.

Video Guide

[aiovg_video id=4168]

Video Guide

Final Thoughts

So this is my top 10 list of Minecraft plugins for a 1.19 server. Hopefully with the range of plugins you can use more than one and many have been tested with multiverse and geyser too. Meaning that many work as cross platform or on multiple worlds.

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