best Minecraft server hosting uk

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Company UK


Take a look at the best Minecraft server hosting company and what features you get for the incredibly low price starting at $2pm.

What You Get With SeekaHost Minecraft Servers

  • 24/7 Uptime.
  • Full server control.
  • Full FTP File control.
  • Modpack Support.
  • Java/Bedrock & Mobile Servers.
  • Great customer support.
  • Easy server setup.
  • Lots of tutorials.
  • Custom Jar to play any server type.

Why Go For SeekaHost Minecraft Servers?

The customer support is excellent and each customer is supported untill the problem is resolved. SeekaHost dont use bots for their live chat so they will offer advice and even suggestions for what to go with when setting up your server, even suggestions for Modpacks to play.

Modpacks are easy to install and if your not able to install them, they were quick to install my required modpack for me once you send over a ticket.

They have a custom jar choice so if your looking for a server jar they dont list you can install it easily, they also offer support for installing Modpacks and custom jars.

SeekaHost Minecraft Minigames Server & Packages

They provide a really fun server to log in and join to see what you can do with your own server. Including 4 minigames and a Skyblock world also. The address is and currently runs on 1.17.1

Their prices are some of the lowest out there right now, being able to start a small server for as little as $2pm. But your also given the choice of many other sizes and packages also to suit your needs.

Getting Started With a SeekaHost Server

They provide many videos on how to get started with your server, even for bedrock servers and how to change your server jar type.

Changing server jar is also incredibly easy, simply run a setup and change the jar, start the server back up and thats it! You’ve got yourself a different server type for Java, bedrock or modded servers.

Easy Backup System

SeekaHost Minecraft servers have a super easy backup system, simply stop your server. Press backup and thats it! Now if anything goes wrong, in much the same way you stop the server, press restore and its fully restored from your back up.


I find SeekaHost Minecraft Servers to be one of the best Minecraft server hosting company’s in the UK due to the attention they pay each customer and how they deal with problems by addressing them untill they are fully resolved.

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