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The New Creators Corner For Content Creators and Developers.


I have been spending a lot of time trying to develop a portal for video content creators to find lots of great resources. This project will tie in lots of smaller projects on the website and bring them into one easy to use place! You can also keep updated on my discord channel for the project.

What Tool Will Be Coming?

So lets check out all the features that will be in the creators portal!

Free Bedrock Add-ons

The page has been steadily growing with free bedrock add-on’s developed by people, the new addition here will be the ability to upload your own creations and share them with others on the site.

This will be available from the creators corner to either use for new add-on’s to film with or simply have fun with.

Free Profile Page

Another exiting feature that will be added but is also under development is the free page/profile maker. Allowing you to have a page up on this website to share your socials, videos or even plugins and mods.

Create a profile using one of the free themes and have all your links in one place. Saving time when having to add all your socials separately in the description to your video, best of all there are lots of free templates to choose from.

Recording & Editing Help

This is a service that is new and cant yet be found on here. This will be somewhere that gives you all the best free resources and links to get started with your content creating or help develop your skills!

Free Minecraft Pictures

This is another free tool you can use already, but it is in development. Its is a library of Minecraft pictures you can download and use for free, these can be sued for thumbnails, videos or even your websites to help you grow! They are copyright free and as such belong to Minecraft which is happy for their fans to share screen shots. So make sure to stay within Minecraft’s rules of their image use and your fine to use them anywhere! (Non-commercially)

Another way to try and keep people safe using these images is that they will all be under the creative commons license by myself so you can be sure they dont get copyrighted elsewhere.

For more information check the link below.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


The expected date it in March of 2023 to have this up and working on the most part. We hope to see you here.

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