What’s New for the 1.120 Minecraft Update


After the Minecraft live that showed on the 15th of October, we find out some awesome new features that are going to be added to the new 1.20 Minecraft update in 2023.

Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022

Watch The Past Live Event

This year’s live event for Minecraft was different to normal, this time they seemed to hold back on many details and only give us snippets of what’s to come. many think this is due to the last updates where we were promised lots, but it felt like it didn’t quite deliver with the various setbacks. This way, the less we know the more we will be amazed by the new updates to come for 1.20!

Winner Of the Mob Vote For 1.20

So, before we get into the new features for the 1.20 updates let first look at the mob vote to see who won and what new mob will be in the new update! We had the option of the Tuff Golem, the Rascal and the Sniffer.

And the winner of the vote is The Sniffer! This ancient mob that hatched from underwater eggs can sniff out seeds for you. So, when you’re looking for them watermelons to make the glistening melon for your brewing stand. One of these will be more than useful in completing your quest. Potentially leading to “new plants” as they suggest in the show.

Updates For the New 1.20 Minecraft Update

Now what we’re all looking for! What are the updates given to us in this Minecraft live. There are some super exiting ones so let’s take a look.

New Custom default Skins

Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022

Minecraft is becoming more diverse and offering more than just the two skins we have had for so long. The idea has always been that they start as a base for your player, who you then custom create to your own liking using many of the free tools to change Minecraft skins. However now you will have a selection to get started with from day one of crafting.

Hanging Signs

Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022

We finally get some new signs that are different in shape! these signs not only have all the different wood types but come with chains to hang them from and look absolutely amazing.

With one of the newer items, the chain. This, we assume will be used in combination with the normal sign creating method to make these beautiful looking signs. These look perfect for shops, villages and most other builds.

More Uses for Bamboo

Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022

Finally, the bamboo has more use than to tame Pandas and be used as an extremely un-efficient fuel type. There is not only one block but a whole range of bamboo types including blocks, stairs, fences, doors and even trap doors.

We love new building additions as the community uses them in such inspiring ways. I personally can’t wait to start my jungle build using bamboo and have it tucked away next to a river deep in the jungle with my pet parrot!

The Raft and Chest raft

Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022

What a treat! Another boat or flotation device has finally been added. The raft, which resembles an oak door with paddles will be added along with an additional option to add a chest. Transporting over the oceans with more items is easier and now more “desert island” feeling.

This does make you wander if this might be a prerequisite to some other update to do with the oceans. We don’t know that for sure but that would be very cool, although the aquatic update was great, more addition are always welcome.

Chisel Bookshelves

Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022

Another wicked addition is the chisel bookshelves. This multi-use block is not only going to make your builds and interior look amazing, but it also has other variable uses.

First let’s start with the ability to actually store not only books, but also books and quill. Thats right we have an actual place to store our books rather than chests, lecterns or barrels. Storage will look great, and accessibility is even better.

Another feature mentioned is the Redstone output emitted by the “last read book”, meaning for Redstone experts you will have even more ways to create your creations. This has many exiting ways it can be used, and I can already find myself dreaming up new inventions.


Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022

This new mob is not only a great idea but lots of neat features that come with it. First let’s start with how good it looks and how long it’s been since we had another ridable animal. I mean the horse has been used for so many years and other mobs such as the donkey and skeleton horse don’t really get used as much due to their slowness. So, it’s nice to see something new.


So, although this is initially slower than the horse and less agile. In long straights it certainly can pick up speed but also comes with features that a have failed the horse for years. The ability to dash over rivers and ravines will mean you don’t need to build a bridge for your horse or guide it with a lead anymore when you get stuck. This amazing new mob will simply be able to dash over these gaps.

2 Players Can Ride

You can now ride with your friends! What a great feature that’s been missing on a horse for so long. Now you and your pal can ride along the long dessert straight in style.

Safety From Hit Damage

As the camel is taller it seems to be that the players don’t get damaged by the mobs that might attack at nights in the dessert. Which seems to be any zombie size mob. So not only can you ride with your friend, but also safely through the night for long journeys.

Pictures from Minecraft Live 2022


So, to conclude all the new updates we have been told that more will be revealed on the 27th of October 2022 so let’s make sure not to miss that one. Along with that they also mentioned that the snapshot will be out in mere days for us to start testing, how exiting!

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