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What Are Minecraft Mods and How To Use Mods


A simple explanation of what mods are in Minecraft, how to use them and the best places to download your mods for free.

What Minecraft Edition Can Use Mods?

When we are talking about mods, this is only for Java edition on specific versions. Java version is only found on PC and isn’t the same as the editions played on xbox, playstation, mobile or Nintendo switch.

Bedrock edition supports what are known as add-ons. How ever they do now work with mods that are built for java edition.

How ever it’s not just vanilla Minecraft addition that can use mods, you will need forge installed on your java version. To explain this better. Java edition when you first download it, is known as vanilla, by this meaning that its not modded and the default style of the game.

Once you have the default Minecraft you can add mods to it by installing forge or fabric to your Minecraft launcher. This is fairly simple and can be done fairly simply by downloading the forge version you want, then double clicking it and running it on the client side.

Once you have done this you can then access the mods folder and upload mods.

How To Play With Minecraft Mods Easily?

If the method above seems a little complicated or you have had problems installing forge on your pc. Dot fear as the CurgeForge launcher is here!

By downloading the curse forge launcher (for free) it automatically connects to your Minecraft launcher and allows you to create different modpackt for free on any Minecraft version and play them on your pc.

Its really is as easy as choosing your version, for example 1.12.2 or the latest version of Minecraft. Then click on “add mods” and simply go ahead and start adding. Once your happy press play and go test out your mods on your newly made modpack.

How Do Minecraft Mods Work?

These are modifications made to the base game, it could be to add magic, dragons, weapons and almost anything you could image. There are some really great mods on there and all free to download and use for your please.

I suggest reading through the descriptions and adding mods that would help create the world you want. Think of the biggest picture, eg the type of server you want to play in, then look for mods that would bring that to life.

I personally have a modded war server that has planes, cars, tanks and items not normally found in Minecraft, meaning that you can truly customise your Minecraft experience by adding mods to your game.

Where Can I Download Mods Safely

There are a few places you can safely download mods for your modpack, these are:

warbox modpack and modded server jeeps


So I hope that clears it up a bit for you, if your on bedrock edition then mods won’t be for your edition, you can however use the marketplace to find add-ons. Mods are free, fun to use and a great addition to your Minecraft world especially if your looking for a bit of a shakeup in your Minecraft experience.

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