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With so many new and cool addons for Bedrock I have decided to start sharing some awesome addons for free! Working in conjunction with yyfool studio I have created an easy and safe place to download addons for Bedrock.

Many other websites for downloads have files that don’t work or straight up might give you a virus so I wanted a safe place to get custom made free addons for your bedrock world, realm or server with easy instructions for how to import and use it.


Where Can I download The Addons?

You can find all our Bedrock addons from the main addon page. This will show your all the categories so you can pick and choose the one you want to use. All addons come with specific instruction on the download page so you know how to use it too.

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How Can I Use The Bedrock Addons ?

Every add on has instruction on how to download and install it, some even include video. We have two types of addons that we offer, .mcpack for resource packs and .mcaddon for resource and/or behaviour packs.

Follow the instructions on the addon page for the specific pack and you can be playing in minutes. Its surprisingly easy and usually just involved renaming the file and double clicking it to load to your Minecraft. Below is a video of how easy it is to use one of our resource packs.

Can I Share The Downloads?

These downloads are free to use so share away, we do not allow these downloads for re-download so if you plan on sharing them please provide them with the link to download from this website. We also want to point out that downloading any of these addons from outside sources will expose you to potential viruses as they might have been tampered with. Stay safe and download them from us directly. JdogOfficial own all rights to the addons.

What Bedrock Addons Are There To Download?

We have only just started this service and unless they are built by me then they have been paid for. I plan on uploading at least 4 paid for addons every month (these are custom made) and at least 2 of my own. And again these will be for free download only from this website.

Current Addons we have:

With many more to come.

How Safe Are Our Addons?

Our main priority is safety. Downloading from unknown sources can be dangerous and that’s what I have always found with Bedrock and mobile addons. You’re never sure what you’re getting due to the downloads being from anyone.

Our addons are design either in house or by a trusted Minecraft addon development team, these files are run through virus and malware checkers along with virus total to make sure all elements are safe. Only then will be upload it for public download.

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