Complete Parkour Course with Command Blocks | Bedrock


A great way to make a working Parkour course on your server or realm.

With the feature of tp ing players out of the area they arent supposed to fall in to. And also how to create a ticket like a theme park so players can pay for entry and also win a prize if the make it to the end of the parkour course.

The features include:

  • Tp Player out of out of bounds area.
  • Create a ticket for the player.
  • Charge for the ticket to play the Parkour Minigame.
  • Give a winning currency prize for the Parkour Minigame Winner.

As with all my Bedrock command block creations I have made sure that is multiplayer friendly. This means it will only charge the correct player for the minigame ticket. It will only tp the player landing in the out of bounds area out, and only giving the prize to the true winner of the game.

As i say in game a brilliant way of stopping outside players gaining entry and pressing the win button are barrier blocks.

To give yourself a barrier block just type into your chat bar: /give @s barrier
The use them to block off all other exits or entrances.

Another good way to block Minecraft players gaining access to parts of your minigames you dont want them too is using a border block and creating an area with no entry’s. Only an OP player can pass over these and they work all they way from bedrock to the sky limit of the world.

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