How to Make Sliding Doors In Minecraft | Bedrock Command Blocks

How to make a sliding door on your Minecraft worlds.

I have created three options for you, one will open when a player stands on a pressure plate. The next sliding door will be activated if someone is stood near it and the third example of a sliding door will open only if the player has a VIP rank.

You can use these sliding doors for private areas, to charge tickets for entry or many other things.

Using Command blocks we can create almost anything. A keen interest of mine is re creating features we dont normally get with Bedrock but more with java plugins but making them usable in Bedrock.

Much like the Portals video I done, which you can check out on YouTube. I simply used some commands to imitate the feature as well as possible.

As all my Command Block Inventions I make it multiplayer friendly for servers and realms.

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