How to Find expired domains for your private blog network


Expired domains are domains that have been previously used for a website, built up some authority
and the for some reason or another gone expired by the owner not paying the yearly fee.

The life cycle of an Expired Domain

As you can see in the image the domains will start as available from the company that have
bought them to sell. Also known as the registrar. From this point they will be available for
market and anyone can buy them for a reasonable price. Usually the base price for domains,
around £5 – £15 per domain.

All domains have to be renewed, and its usually a minimum of a year you can have each
domain. Although some sites over you up to years if you will to pay for that long.
If you don’t pay for renewal though it will then go the expired stage. At this point it will have a
period of 45 days of which you can still renew it and it will be kept safe for you.

If you have left it for longer than 45 days it will then go to the next stage which is a the
redemption period. This is the final 30 days of which you can contact the company you got it
from to try and get your domain back. But it is at this point getting ready to go through to the
auction for the registrars.

After 30 days it goes to a pending deletion stage, many eager PBN owner will be watching
the domain at this point. After its 5 days of pending deletion, it will finally get deleted and put
back to auction for registrars to buy the domain to then be able to put back on market as
available right at the start again.

Why we use expired domains

The reason we use expired domains is because they hold a lot of authority, and usually a
better ranking than a new domain that has never had any history. If it has had a lot of good
backlinks going to it previously and had a lot of visitors. It means using it for one of your
blogs will create better backlinks for your main site you’re trying to grow.

Difference between expired domain and fresh one

A fresh domain that has never been used before and hasn’t gone as expired hold no ranking
and will start on a o score. It takes a while to rank up a domain so this is why we use good
expired domain.

An expired domain may have had 500 or even thousands of backlinks, perhaps from high ranking sites, government sites, educational sites or other than have made this domain
much better from growing a blog with.
Any links coming from this expired domain will has down a lot more SEO power than a
starter blog with no ranking or authority.

Where to find expired domains

What programs you can use.

A free way to find expired domain is using a site like Here you can
search through thousands of expired domains and try to find one of good value. Another tool
you will need but are paid are SEMrush or Ahrefs. Both these will give you detailed
information on all the domains, their backlinks. If they were spammy. And all the information
you will need to determine if it’s one to go for.
You can also find free alternatives but they wont give you as much detail. One way is the
word tracker. (

Paid way of finding expired domain are by using domkop or spam Zilla and although paid
they make finding expired domain so much easier as they filter out a lot of the spam sites
that you waste your time looking through with

How to analyse a good expired domain

Looking for spam links

Spam links will bring down any domain. As soon as you see any backlinks coming to an
expired domain that look like spam. Try to look past it as these sites can be really hard to
bring back to life.
Links like the one below lead to really spammy sites that will drive your expired domain
rating down hurt your blog In the long run.

Check its ranking

Make sure the domain is ranking in some way and had some previous history and visitors
coming to it.

Look at da and dr

See what its DR and Da are, but don’t judge solely on this as it can be misleading. Check
everything else with this domain too before proceeding.

Where are the links coming from

Are they coming from spam sites? Are they coming from sites with authority? Check all the
backlinks are relevant and also where they come from. Are the sites sending them relevant?
Another one to check is how many different ip’s are sending all these links. As its good have
500 backlinks but if they’re only coming from 2 referring ips. That just means you have an
overlinked website.

Was it previously used as a PBN

Expired domains that have been used as PBN’s before, we try to avoid. Look for signs like
keywords to one certain niche, backlinks to certain sites (their money site) and also the posts
they produced using the waybackmachine.
Do they look like they are mainly promoting one main page? The reason we avoid them is
because they may have been noticed by a search engine as a PBN and penalized there for
not holding any authority.

Will it fit your niche

Make sure the domain fits your niche, will backlinks from this expired domain be relevant to
your money site or any other sites your consulting? Make sure that past articles from this
page also match the niche or are at least some what relevant.

Is the domain short, with no symbols

The best domains to look for are ones you can remember without noting down. For example,
if I said to you check out The likelihood of remembering this by the time
you get home that evening is quite high compared to me suggesting you check out
You want to look for domains that are relevant and also easy to remember.

Is it .com ect

Domains ending in .com are again much easier to remember and are favourable for searches.
Other good options are, .org, .net,

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