Cheapest Controller For Xbox One, Series X/S & PC That’s Good Quality


Whether you need a new one, to update your existing or to replace a broken controller let’s take a look at the cheapest controller for Xbox One.

Common Issues With Xbox One Controllers

As some of you may know that already own an xbox one, the controllers get a lot of usage, and after some heavy usage they deteriorate and eventually break in different ways. Here are some of the most common ways that xbox controllers break.

Joystick Strafing

cheap xbox one controller

This is when the joysticks start to lean toward one direction with out you meaning to go that way. Usually noticeable when you don’t touch anything on your controller but yet the player or character is still moving in game.

Trigger Buttons Stop Working

good xbox one controller

Another common issue is when the trigger and top buttons stop working, due to many games needed these buttons to be used a lot. They tend to be the second ones to break after the joystick which gets the majority of the gaming.

Sticky Buttons

new xbox one controller

Once controllers are used for some time they inevitably end up with some drink or other substance going in-between the buttons. As much as you clean the outside of the xbox one controller the damage is already done.

The liquids will run in between the button and after time become sticker and cause the buttons to stick when using them. The longer this goes on the worse the button gets to use.

Where To Find The Cheapest Xbox One Controller

Before we get into where to get them from, lets talk about why I’m recommending them from here.

Cheap xbox one controller are notorious for breaking after only a few weeks or months. Meaning that although you save some money initially you end up paying more as the controller is un usable.

So after much testing and many bad cheap controllers I have found some that not only are cheap, meaning that for the same price as one original one you can in fact get two. But they also work well for for some time.

There are two I’m going to suggest in the same sort of price range as they both work well and are a great price for what they do.

PowerA Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One Wired Controller – White £24.99

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This amazing controller found in Argos is priced at only £24.99! Not only is it half the price of the normal original controller but it actually lasts. After much heavy usage and testing this controller is still holding strong with no need to replace it.

The joysticks work well and do not strafe at all and the buttons are responsive and don’t stick all all. The shape fits your hands nicely and follows the original design and look, so most of the time you would even realise your playing on a non original xbox one controller.

Additions Features:

  • Wired
  • Xbox Compatible
  • Series S and X Compatible
  • PC compatible
  • Long wire

PDP Xbox Series X/S & One Wired Controller – Ghost White £24.99

Image from

Another great xbox one controller that is not only cheap but strong and will not disappoint, again found in Argos again for only £24.99. This has a white look with a slightly slicker black design going along the top making this controller stand out more.

I love the feel of this xbox one controller as all the buttons, joysticks and triggers work well, they are fast and fit in your grip.

This has also been tested of the period of a few months and I have found this to be one of the most sturdy cheap controllers for xbox. Not only will with work for xbox one but also series X and S.

It gas a cool plasticky shiny overlay along the whole controller and has been my sons first favourite out of the two since we started playing with them.

Additions Features:

  • Wired
  • Xbox Compatible
  • Series S and X Compatible
  • PC compatible
  • Long wire

Final Thoughts

By choosing a cheaper xbox one controller your always risking it by getting a cheap version that is fitted well of used bad quality materials. With these two xbox controllers you can save some money (at least 50%) from the original and get playing on your favourite games with out the worry of another broken controller in a few weeks.

Another tip here’s not to pay for the extra warranty provided by Argos and simply keep the receipt and box as all electric products are covered under a 1-2 year warranty from the manufacturer. meaning that if it breaks from no fault of your own you can still get it replaced.

I also want to add that these are my opinions and not a legitimate fact!

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