10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers With Discount Codes

best minecraft server hosting companies

Minecraft being one of the most bought and played game to date has a tone fo features for you including multiplayer and the ability to play with others. This can be done by getting a Minecraft server that can hold the required amount of players. A server has always been the better option as realms are known for bugs, updates taking too long and of course the small player limit of 10 players.

What Is A Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is a hosted server that holds your worlds and all the other information usually kept in game for single player. It gives you more freedom in how many players you can have on, along with the ability to add plugins or mods to your server.

These can be self hosted but this has many security issues mostly with having to share your own IP and port leading to DDoss attacks and generally leaving you vulnerable. So for this we recommend hosted servers from trusted companies to keep you and your server safe.

What To Consider Before Finding Your Minecraft Server Host.


First thing of course is to check the prices, hosting packages vary from extremely cheap to quite expensive but quite often there is a  reason for this. Hosting services that charge next to nothing quite often have bad service or servers that aren’t quite as optimized or goof for Minecraft. So we always suggest looking for a good price that isn’t too high or too low.

Services You Get For Free

This is an important one as many hosts may offer a lot of services, but how many of them are for free? A lot of the time they might provide the service but charge extra for it, meaning your well priced server is now costing more than you can afford to have the features you want.

Choice Of Server Jars

Don’t get stuck with a server host that only allows you to use a few server jars. So make sure before you sign up that they have the server type that you need, whether its bedrock, java or even modded server types if you wish to add mods or a modpack.

Server Location

This is important to check the servers locations and if they have ones close to you. This will effect the ping if your physical location from the server is too far

What We Look For To Judge The Best Minecraft Server

top 10 minecraft best hosting comanie

Want to skip to a quick overview of all the servers? Click the button below to go to a shorter run down of the 10 best minecraft server hosting companies.


10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

After that information lets get down to the best Minecraft server hosting providers no so you can check them out and make an informed decision about who to go with for your Minecraft server. This is only my opinion and not fact, figures may also change with time since we posted. Screen shots of the individual hosting providers can be found by pressing the red button to go to the hosting website.

Host 2gb Price Player Limit FTP File Access Custom Domain Live Chat Support
$7.00 pm
Full Access
$9.99 pm
Full Access
$4 Charge
$5.00 pm
Full Access
$5.00 Charge
Full Access
$2.99 Charge
$5.22 (1.5gb)
Full File Access
$6.00 pm
With premium
$2.00 pm
Full Access
Free Subdomain
$9.89 pm
Full Access
Full Access
$11.99 pm
Full Access

1. SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting

best minecraft server hosting seekahost
seekahost minecraft hosting prices

SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting

First on our list of the Best Minecraft Server Hosting providers is SeekaHost. A UK based Minecraft server provider for 2 years that provided servers through out the Europe and the United states.

They allow all types of server types including a custom jar option so you can upload your own jars or modpacks too.

DDoS protection for server and also has an easy backup and restore system for your worlds. The customer support for modpacks and plugins is also top notch and they are happy to help with any situation with out extra charges.

You have full FTP file access and also an easy server jar selector to choose between java, paper, bedrock, forge or any other popular serevr jars.

seekahost minecraft server features

2. Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

10 best minecraft hosting providers apex
apex hosting prices minecraft

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

A well known server hosting company based in America. These guys have the most expensive servers but also provide a great service.

The servers are of high quality and optimized so often you don’t need as much ram as other hosts.

Their 24/7 support is great so you can fix your problem no matter what time of day and they have many good reviews to follow this up.

apex trust pilot reviews
apex minecraft hosting features

3. ShockByte Minecraft Server Hosting

10 best minecraft server hosting companies shockbyte

Shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting

Third on our list of Best Minecraft server hosting companies is Shockbyte, an Australian based server hosting company.

Best used if your in the region as their servers out side of Australia can be a bit lagy. They do how ever provide some of the cheapest servers around.

So if your looking for a cheap deal to get started playing with your friends then Shockbyte will certainly provide. 

The provide both bedrock and java servers using the multicraft system.

shockbyte trust pilot reviews

4. Bisect Minecraft Server Hosting

10 best minecraft server hosting companies bisect

Bisect Minecraft Server Hosting

BisectHosting is a child company of Venture Node LLC which is a registered business in the state of Ohio is another USA based server hosting company.

The aim is to provide premium servers for a cheaper price. Their setup system is very interesting and builds you up a perfect package by what you want for a server.

Great support and they also have many different types of server jars to choose from.

Only con is the premium and budget server hosting. Meaning you have to pay a little extra for more features.

bisect hosting prices

5. Scalacude Minecraft Server Hosting

10 best minecraft server hosting companies scalacube

Scalacube Minecraft Server Hosting

An Estonian based Minecraft server hosting company Scalacube has some interesting features. This is due to them offering a free server package as well sa paid server hosting.

You can start a 6gb server (only in vanilla) for absolutely free to check out the service. And if you choose to go premium you get the normal features such as plugins, mods and more control over your server.

Another feature you get with Scalacube is WordPress hosting with paid packages so you can also set up a website for your server. 

Their reviews are mixed but for the addition of a free 6gb server they definitely have to make it on the best minecraft hosting providers list due to the fact you can get playing for free on a vanilla server within minutes.

scalacube trust pilot reviews
scalacube server types

6. GG Servers Minecraft Hosting

10 best minecraft server hosting companies gg servers
gg hosting packages

GG Servers Minecraft Hosting

GG servers is a Canadian based Minecraft hosting company since 2013.  They offer java servers and now also offer Bedrock server as part of their hosting plans.

Its has 9 worldwide server locations to get good ping to your server and also offers some very reasonably prices servers.

Make sure to check the packages well before you buy as these guys also offer premium and basic packages which vary in specs for the servers.

Like many other server hosts they also use multicraft to manage your servers.

gg servers premium
gg servers trust pilot reviews
gg server features

7. Pebble Host Minecraft Server Hosting

Pricing (Budget Price)
PebbleHost Server Prices

PebbleHost Minecraft Hosting

PebbleHost server hosting has been around since 2017 with the purpose of supplying everyone with budget servers for around $1 per gb.

They have 3 different categories of server prices starting form budget, this uses a Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 @ 3.7Ghz / Intel i7-7700k @ 4.5GHz processor and only has 2 locations to choose from.

Next we have the Premium prices that use a Ryzen 7 5800X @ 4.7GHz processor as well as unmetered SSD usage.

Finally we have the Extreme package that gives you you what you can get in the Premium package with the addition of Dedicated CPU Threads.

pebblehost reviews trustpilot
pebblehost features

8. Server Miner Minecraft Server Hosting

server miner prices

Server Miner Minecraft Hosting

Another UK server hosting provider, server miner has a unique management system. They are a little pricier than others but come with some cool features such as the player tracker. 

FTB 1 click installer for modpacks and support for installing modpacks. They don’t have live support but you are still able to get hold of them for support when needed.

The offer no contract servers also so its simply pay as you go meaning that you only pay for what you need and can easily leave if you find a better host or decide not to run your server any more.

server minor features

9. NodeCraft Minecraft Server Hosting

nodecraft server pricing

Server Miner Minecraft Hosting

This USA based Minecraft hosting service isn’t always the first option when choosing servers but it definitely comes with some great features such as no player limits and easy game swapping.

They also provide server hosting for a number of other online multiplayer games on their hosting service.

Included is a build your own server feature where you can make one to suit you rather than choosing form the pre designed packages. This way you can ensure to have a server that suits you and your players perfectly.

pebblehost reviews nodecraft
nodecraft server features

10. MC Pro Hosting Minecraft Servers

mc pro hosting
mc pro hosting prices

MC Pro Hosting Minecraft Servers

MC Pro Hosting has made it on the 10 Best Minecraft server hosting due to its attention to detail and good quality servers. They are well known through out the industry and after this many years they still keep a good review record.

They don’t just have Minecraft but they also host a huge variety of other server too. Including Valhesia, Rust, Factorio and many more.

Pricing is a little higher than usually but this can sometimes signal they are using good quality server rather than cheaper ones that might cause lag.

pebblehost reviews mc pro hosting
mcprohosting features

Final Thoughts For The 10 Best Minecraft Server Hosing Providers.

Choosing what host to use when purchasing your Minecraft server can be hard due to the price differences, differences in features and many other aspects. By using this page as a Minecraft server comparison you can get a quick and easy overview of the best Minecraft hosting to go with when looking for your server. All links are genuine links and we haven’t used any affiliate link in this article.

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