Best Minecraft Gifts for Kids That Love Minecraft


In this article we go through some of the best toy gifts for kids who love Minecraft! This will start for younger ages and also cover older toys also.

Minecraft, a Game For The Generations

Minecraft is a game that is enjoyed by all ages and has proved to be popular over time. This is hugely due to its versatility and ability to have many different game modes and playing styles including realms and servers.

Whether you’re young and just looking to start building or surviving, or adult and love the Redstone, command blocks or eve development that Minecraft allows. Even starting your own Minecraft server and playing with your own private group of freinds!

Minecraft Toys For Up To 2 Years Old

Have you got a son or daughter that watches their siblings play Minecraft? Or perhaps your own child is interested in the game you love! Its best to start them off slowly in the Minecraft world, and what better way than a cute stuffed animal! Not only that, a Minecraft bee that also represents the importance in bees in our world.

This awesome Minecraft bee is the perfect cuddly toy, or decoration for your Childs bedroom! There are also another 2 choices incase the bee isn’t to your fancy.

Minecraft Gifts For 3 – 4 Year Old Kids

When a child turns 3-4, they develop more skills such as speech and the ability to use their hands for other activities and having fun. Small objects are still a problem but you can certainly start playing with some more exiting Minecraft toys!

Here are 3 of the best selection of Minecraft toys you can get as gifts for 3-4 year olds. Also included is some nursery/school equipment as they start their journey in the academic world!

Minecraft Gift Ideas For 5 – 7 Year Old Kids

Now at this age it can get hard to choose a perfect Minecraft gift. With many kids starting to decide their hobbies and/or starting to find a preferred game. How ever this can also be a time full of excitement as they start to understand the fun in Minecraft, often playing with family members or watching them play and getting a taste the crafting lifestyle.

In this section we start listing toys such as lego and other age appropriate toys that you can gift, here are my top 3 selections for 5-7 year olds that are super in to Minecraft already!

Minecraft Gift Ideas For 8 – 11 Year Old Kids

At this age not only is their body changing and growing fast, but their ability to play with more complex toys allows the to venture into more advanced builds and parts. This can also sometimes be the age of which they stop playing with toys and switch over to playing Minecraft and other digital games.

Here are some gift ideas that will suit the kids that still want to play, and others that don’t play so much with toys any more but want the Minecraft decorations for around their room.

Minecraft Gift Ideas For 12 – 15 Year Old’s

At this age kids most often are either super Minecraft enthusiast or have gone else where for their gaming of choice. If your child is still heavily into Minecraft then these are the following items I would recommend.

Between 11 and 15 kids will often want to play with others, and be allowed to play with friends online under supervision, either on realms or Minecraft servers. Minecraft toys are still super fun but also Minecraft items you can decorate your room with are essential to show of your love for the craft!

Minecraft Gift Ideas For Over 16’s

Gift choices change a little into their middle to late teens. Rather than toy gifts its usually something associated with clothing, branding or streaming. Either you love to watch Minecraft YouTubers whilst playing Minecraft yourself. Or perhaps they took to content creating for YouTube or Twitch.

Here are my best choices for over 16’s that love Minecraft, ive included a variety of items depending on what they love the most!

Minecraft Clothing Gifts

Here we have a selection of Minecraft clothing gift ideas, there are many hoodies but I believe these have a great mix of Minecraft and fashion also.

Minecraft Decorative Gifts

These items are great if you love to decorate your bedroom with awesome Minecraft merch. And the perfect way to show of your love for Minecraft to any visiting friends.

Minecraft Streaming & YouTuber Gifts

Are they super interested in streaming or uploading content to popular platforms? Whether its for fun or they want to make it part of their career path, these items will help get them started with streaming or content creating with out breaking the budget.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has helped you pick some awesome gifts. If you have any other great suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments! To keep up with more posts like this you can subscribe below! Just make sure to confirm your subscription on your email once subscribed. Alternatively you can take a look at ourother posts.

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