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Add Bounties To Your Server With The Lucky Bounties Plugin 1.17 – 1.19


How to add bounties to your Minecraft server easily with easy setup and allow your players to set bounties on each other.

How Does Lucky Bounties Work?

This free and easy to use plugin will connect with vault and create an economy based around bounties for players. Meaning that any player can set a bounty on another player’s head with the easy-to-use GUI. The install is easy and there is little to no configuration.

Players can set any items as a bounty on the player, once the player dies, they drop the bounty, and the winning player gets to collect it.

This plugin required Vault to work.

How To Install the Lucky Bounties Plugin

  • Stop your server and log into your FTP account or app like FileZilla and open your plugin folders.
  • Now upload the plugin your just downloaded to your server. Then start your server back up.

Please be aware that you may need to restart the plugin once in-game, the plugin warns you that this is due to the vault plugin starting after the lucky bounty’s plugin on the console. You an do this by typing
/luckybounties:b reload

How To Use the Lucky Bounties Plugin

Once installed there is no more configuration its fairly simple, it doesn’t require permissions as the commands will work for normal players and anyone with op will get the extra power to clear bounties.

To open the bounties GUI menu, you type /bounties

This will give you a list of players to choose from, indicated by their head.

Set Bounty as a Normal Player

This will then display like the picture below if you’re a normal un-oped player. Here you will see if the player has any bounties on him indicated by the items in the inventory (the calcium in this case) and you have the shard that you can use to set a bounty on this player.

Once you press set bounty you can then add your bounty in the middle of the inventory and confirm the bounty.

Extra Admin Access

If you are op (server operator) on the server, you will also get the clear bounties option when you do the /bounties command. This will clear any bounties on a player.


If you’re after a simple, lightweight plugin to add bounties to your server then this is the one. Its free easy to setup and works right off the bat, no setup required, and people can start setting a bounty on each other on your server straight away.

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