The New Project


At The Shack we take Minecraft seriously, and we want the best experience for all our players. After the success of our cross platform server we have decided to make all our separate servers into one.

So whats new?

Players will have a large built spawn, catering for a larger player base with many more features than before. As we can now connect both Bedrock and Java players together we now want to build the biggest and best server to cater for all.

New Features

Features will include

  • A larger selection of minigames such as Bedwars, Skyblock and other popular Minigames
  • All will be accessible from the main lobby at spawn through portals.
  • Anti grief and theft prevention both both Bedrock and Java users.
  • Large survival world with features like TPA and Warps with a full GUI menu.
  • Full compatibility to play with your friends no matter what version they use.

Looking to Host your own server?

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