Minecraft Cross platform Server

Success! We have released our first cross platform server on The Shack featuring cross play between Java and Bedrock.

What do I need to join?

Nothing! Just get on either acount you own and connect to our servers.

If your joining on Bedrock you will need to type the port also which you can find on our servers page.

Can I use the Java Features on Bedrock?

You can currently use all of the Java commands through your chat bar, how ever some sign posts may not work when you interact with them. To solve this you can simply type the command in the chat instead.

Portals, economy, trade signs, land and item protection all work on both versions.

How can you make a cross platform server?

By using two plugins together and changing some configuration settings you can indeed run a server for both Java and Bedrock clients.

The use of the two plugins translate the java language so Bedrock clients can understand, not only that you can keep your server safe with online mode on with the use of the second plugin, as leaving your server opened to cracked accounts is not only illegal but can also lessen the security of your server and leave you more vulnerable to attacks.

Through the use of geyser and floodgate you can achieve this.

The plugins

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