New Story-line Missions on The Universal Server


The server gets even better with the new story-line feature to follow and earn from in the Universal Minecraft Server.

More About The Universal Server

The server has been up for a number of years, swapping names a few times but always remaining online.

The challenge has always been to keep a server interesting, even after new Minecraft updates. The Universal server aims to provide a unique place to play for Bedrock players and Java players alike.

In particular for Bedrock players that are somewhat limited in vanilla.

The server is survival with plugins and changes to make it unique, fun and much better to play that normal servers. We don’t use annoying scoreboards that are constantly up on the screen and we definitely don’t charge any real world money, ever!

We believe in safe places to build, easy navigation, great people to play with and helping out when possible! More about joining on our main page. The Universal Server.

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New Story-line and Missions

One problem with servers is the eventually the community has periods of getting bored, or simply lack or creativity or burn out.

Along with quests we have now started on a line of missions starting from you first joining on the server. As soon as you land you begin on the first missions, the tutorial. This will guide you through the commands used in the server for you to begin.

After this missions its totally up to you what you do!

Go out and survive, join others, do quests, buy or sell on the real estate or you can follow the storyline!

You can use the servers live map to find the quests or our discord ad complete them in order, each mission has rewards and will really help when you first join.

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Future Plans For The Story-line

As of the future of the storyline, its been worked on daily with a greater mission in site. Follow along as the missions get harder and the choices will reveal different paths to follow!

Lots of fun stuff to come on the Minecraft server so stay tuned in! You can also subscribe using the form below to get emails and notified with any new posts.

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