Best upcoming Minecraft servers to join. hosting both Java and Bedrock Cross play


Biggest and Best Upcoming Minecraft Servers

Are you looking for a Minecraft server to call home? Here at The Shack we strive to create servers for all to enjoy but with all the features you wanted in a server.

From awesome game changing plugins, to awesome builds, spawns and minigames.

jdog the shack

The Shack SMP

Java 1.16.4 – Bedrock Latest

Our main survival server, from here you can start your adventure from our awesome spawn. There is lots of signage in game to make sure you know all there is in terms of features for our servers.

We also have server address for any other minigames that we host such as Skyblock or Paintball Arena.

From here you can connect to our survival servers also, currently one world is Server X, the 3rd season of Jdog’s Survival servers, for videos of past episodes click here.

How ever we will be merging with the well loved Ocean Adventure realms for their new season.

Not only that the server is completely cross platform for both Bedrock and Java, with use of all command for both editions.

So if you playing on mobile, Xbox, or switch. As long as you can connect to servers then your able to come to join us!

SMP Features

We have lots of awesome survival features for this server these incluce:

  • Land and item protection.
  • Tpa with players and other friends.
  • RPG style upgrades and notifications.
  • Multiple worlds accessed through portals.
  • Interactive Warps Manu
  • Player economy with buy and sell shops
  • Ability for players to buy and set up their own shops.

Land and Item Protection

You can build in peace knowing your land is completely protected for any other players potentially trying to spoil your game. Not only will they not be able to break your builds but they wont be able to interact at all with your items, from item frames to chests and even berry bushes wont be able to be stolen unless you gave given that player trust on your land.

Texture Pack

Providing your are using Java version you will be prompted upon entering to use the texture pack. If you choose to use it then you will be able to experience our server in its true beauty with amazing looking leaves, blocks and mobs.

Unfortunately These features aren’t carried over into Bedrock as of yet.

For more info or to join our server community join us on our Discord.


Port for Bedrock connection 25573

Jdog skyblock
The Shack Skyblock

The Shack Skyblock

Java 1.16.4 – Bedrock Latest

Looking for an awesome Skyblock server with full use of Skyblock shops, island missions, upgrades, boosters and more?

Well youve come to the right place as our full Skyblock game has all the features you would expect from a large well known server.

Island Shop

Sell and buy items with $ collected through completing missions or selling items your obtained from your island. Just use /island shops and you’ll be taken straight into the shop menu selection.

Island Missions

Complete missions to earn more $ or crystals. Crystrals are used for island upgrades or boosters you can sue to make your island awesome.

To access island missions just type /island missions in game.

From awards for mining to collecting ores its a sure fire way to get you some more cash to spend on your island.

Ore Generator

Want to mine some ores to sell or use for tools? Using the ice and lava first given to you simply create a cobble stone generator and you will get a different variety of ores appearing!

Island Rank

Grow you Island value and compete with others to become the best and biggest skyblock island on the server!

Island Menu

To access all the features you simply type /island and you will have an awesome island menu pop up with all the options you need from, shops, your island bank acount, list of other island to visit, permissions and so much more.


Port for Bedrock 25584

Jdog official

Paintball Arena

Java 1.16.4 – Bedrock Latest

Our brand new Paintball server is now up! You can battle in 2 teams of 8 each side.

Make your way up the leaderboard to become the ultimate paintball champion.

With live scoreboards, in lobby holographic images or wins and kill score you can get the full minigame experience


Use /pb shop to access our awesome paintball shop and customize your experience. The more kills your get the more points you get toward perks you can buy in the shop to give u in game extras!


Use the points you receive from kills to buy cool in game hats. The more points, the cooler the hat!

Port for Bedrock 25639

The Shack Anarchy

Java 1.16.1

Looking for a no rules, pvp sort of environment?

Look no further than our Anarchy server, with similar rules to 2B2T we have launched our Uk version!


Looking for Server Hosting?

Looking for reliable server hosting for all versions of Minecraft?

Check out SeekaHost for the best servers, support, mods and much more!

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