top 10 best minecraft minigame plugins

Top 10 Best Minigame Plugins For Minecraft 1.20+


In this article we take a look at the top 10 best Minigame plugins to add to your server for a fun multiplayer gaming experience.


1. Paintball Game Minigame 1.8 – 1.20+


Number one, and personally one I use quite often is the Paintball plugin. This spigot plugin gives you the ability to easily set paintball maps, even over multiple worlds. Give the players lobbies and easy ways to join. And gives you an incredibly well developed menu.

In game you get paintballs, upgrades, shops and even different abilities you can purchase with kill points. Create your own map or download one from planet Minecraft and start playing paintball with your Minecraft buddies.

Key Features

  • Easy arena setup.
  • Player lobbies and joining signs.
  • Score displays
  • In game shop
  • Upgrades and abilities
  • Multiverse compatible
  • Geyser & Floodgate compatible

2.Roulette Minigame Plugin 1.13 – 1.20+


With this Minecraft minigame plugin we delve into a more adult game. This brings gambling to your server! With a full roulette table, dealer, fancy graphics and even winning fireworks.

Using the roulette minigame plugin you can easily with some commands set up your table and npc. Its super intuitive and easy to set up, and playing is fun. This would suit an older type server with a city or dark feel to it. Use a currently plugin such as essentialsx and vault to get the economy working, and holographic displays plugin will help for displaying info.

Key Features

  • Easy setup
  • Essentialsx & vault compatible
  • Great detail
  • Can configure winning rates
  • Plays up to 10 players

3. Lucky Blocks Minigame Plugin 1.8 – 1.20+


Are you a fan of watching lucky block videos on YouTube or play it on a popular server? You can now add the lucky block minigame to your own server and play with your buddies.

With customizable outcomes and a resource pack for the block, this is a great minigame plugin to add to one world or your entire server. Its got lots to learn with this plugin so i also suggest taking a look at the wiki for it when setting up.

Key Features

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Customizable outcomes
  • Effective setup GUI
  • Robust wiki for setup
  • Well developed

4. King of The Ladder Minigame Plugin 1.8 – 1.20+

Although not quite a full minigame, this lobby minigame plugin will give your players a really fun time whilst waiting for the next game to load. Rather than just building parkour around the lobby, try adding king of the ladder!

In this mini minigame, there is a small tower with a ladder you set, and the idea is that anyone in the lobby can try be the king at the top. This displays a holographic display showing the last king of the hill. How ever other players can try to stop you by punching you off the ladder and visa versa.

A simple idea but it leads to much fun whilst waiting for the last round to finish when you are trying to join.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Good for player retention
  • Supports SQL

5. Marriage Master Plugin 1.7 – 1.20+


With the marriage master plugin, you get what it says on the tin. This allows you to get married to other payers on your server. Giving a more life like feel to your game.

By getting married you can then gain fun abilities such as shared backpacks with your partner, ability to teleport to each other, share a home and more.

You can also keep your chat private with private chat for partners. As well as kiss them to reveal some cool particle effects. If you love the sims and love Minecraft, this might be for you!

Key Features

  • Highly configurable
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Integration with vault and currency
  • Enable or disable pvp
  • Teleport to partner

6. Trading Cards Minigame Plugin 1.8 – 1.20+


The reason I love this minigame plugin is due to how simple but effective it is. From what I could first find, you cant really do much with your cards. You collect them in different rarities by killing mobs, but i couldn’t find the reason to have them.

How ever on a multiplayer server, this plugin made much more sense. By only finding cards with different chances and rarities, its creates its own minigame world within the server by players trying to complete collections.

Its creates a real world like want to find better cards, and trade with others! So if you are into trading cards, get this added your server.

Key Features

  • Drop chance system.
  • Deck system.
  • Rarities.
  • Booster packs.
  • Different series.
  • Placeholder API support.

7. Infinite Parkour Minigame Plugin 1.16 – 1.20+


The reason why this has made it on the best Minigame plugin list, is due to its intuitive ability to randomly create parkour with out you spending hours building maps that get completed in seconds by other players.

It has different jump types including blocks, slabs, fences etc so that your parkour course doesn’t all look the same, its also light weight and supports multiplayer usage. You can also add your own schematics which is awesome so you can design areas for it to randomly generate as you go through the course.

Ad you complete each section, the next appears, generating randomly so that you wont know the course and what’s coming.

Key Features

  • Light weight minigame plugin.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Generates course randomly.
  • Customizable.
  • Addable schematics.
  • Leader boards.
  • Holographic displays.

8. Mod Arena Minigame Plugin 1.13 – 1.20+


A personal favourite of mine for PVE minigame plugins. The mob arena plugin you can easily set your arenas to host oncoming waves of hostile mobs.

This can be played single or multiplayer on servers and is well developed in terms of lobby’s, waiting areas and hardness of mobs in each wave.

It also has great integration with plugins such as mystic mobs and other well used plugins. It also integrates with vault and i cant stress how easy it is to set up the minigame plugin on any of your arenas.

Key Features

  • Easy setup.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Integration with popular plugins.
  • Earn prizes.
  • Waves of mobs.

9. Mod Hunting Minigame Plugin 1.8 – 1.20+


A very interesting minigame plugin, and one that hunters will love! Here you can add prizes or losses for killing certain mobs. For example a player can be rewarded for killing a zombie or punished for killing a wolf.

You also earnt he mob head as a trophy prize for your successful hunt to really spice up your base. This isn’t it how ever. Some other fun abilities you get with this plugin are that you can also pick pocket other players and set bounties on other players that can be payed to the successful bounty hunter.

Key Features

  • Achievements.
  • Leader boards.
  • Mob head rewards.
  • Economy rewards.
  • Pickpocketing.
  • Customizable.

10. Egg Wars Minigame Plugin 1.16 – 1.20+


And i left one of the best minecraft minigame plugins till last. Most will know what eggs wars is, but for those that dont: Egg wars is a team game were you or you and a team have to defend your egg against other opposing players or teams. The team with the last surviving egg win the game!

There have been many plugins that try to emulate this, but usually unsuccessfully. How ever with this plugin, it has been well developed and finished to a great standard for people to use on their server.

Key Features

  • Arenas.
  • Team or Solo
  • Kits.
  • Items and health voting.
  • Item generators.
  • Village shops.
  • Tokens for currency.

Final Thoughts

So guys, this is my personal top 10 of Minecraft plugins for Minecraft 1.20 1.20.1 and future 1.20 updates! I hope you found one or more that suit your server and to stay up to date, you can subscribe using the form below to get weekly emails of our latest posts.

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