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Showing some of our latest website design on jdogofficial. Get great value website design for as little as £39 and site/blog maintenance.

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Free Website Design Quotes UK

Based in the UK but serving anywhere around the world you can use our easy Free Quote Form to enquire about any sort of website design. From a small WordPress blog to a fully customised E commerce website. New to the market we want to show the world what a great job we can do and for a really affordable rate.

So forget about paying thousands for a website when you can get an amazing WordPress designed site here on Jdog Official. For as little as £39.99 you can get yourself a great starting blog that is completely customised to your required design.

Tattoo Shop Website Design

First on the list of our new websites is thetempleofink. A UK based Tattoo shop that has not long started business. They required a simple design with not too many options and areas that they can display their new tattoos for others to look at.

tattoo studio website designer

So to achieve this we created a Portfolio section on the landing page categorised by artist. This way anyone looking online can check each artists work prior to making the booking to ringing the shop.

Another area we included a more detailed library of work is the about us page as we find a lot of people like to see this page when they first see a new website. So having lots of great pictures there your likely to catch the eye of many people that look at this page.

We kept the main landing page features simple but also with a requested promo video on the front page for visitors to great a great visual experience as soon as they go onto the site.

uk website designer

This way the main focus is actually on booking a tattoo or getting a quote as this is the main objective for the website. We also left other contact details along the main screen so at any point visitors can find the contact information they need to make a booking.

good value website design

Website Design Business Features

The whole reason for this website is to drive more business to the shop to increase sales. So for this reason we created every page with SEO in mind to make sure that each page has all the relative keywords through out the pages and articles. As we do with every website we design, we create a first engaging posts filled with keywords to give you a bit of head start with ranking with search engines.

The booking form is important so we not only created a easy booking form with all the relative information fields that they need to give a good quote but also created a business email for the client also. This way all booking enquiries will go this that one business email leaving it much easier to deal with bookings.

cheap website design

Taste of Bulgaria Property Listing

Our newest website design as of this article, A Taste of Bulgaria has been created for the sole purpose of listing Bulgarian properties and also been able to view them easy for potential customers.

cheap website design

The purpose of this website is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to list their property in Bulgaria on here. SO an easy tp access membership and login page is essential. With this we also need a good form and security as your allowing other to make accounts on your site.

Good Security for Website Deisgn

Here at Jdog Services we take online safety extremely seriously. And for websites that include a login feature you need to take extra precautions.

First of all we added a simple question and answer section along with adding a Re Captcha “I’m not a robot” check box to stop from brute force attacks.

WordPress website designer

Along with these checks we added some anti malware plugins and general security ones to make sure its well covered. We always leave the site ready with a great plugins that shows you every time anyone has ever tried to log in. Including all the information displayed on their Whois and also the ability to block any IP address or network from visiting your site.

Creating a Listing Website

Another important feature to this website is of course the way the listings are displayed and being able to add a picture of the property. Much like popular sites like RightMove.

Making this easy to find and easy to reach was extremely important and of course we made it simple to find and simple to read.

cheap website design for property listings


So if you like what you see feel free to get a free quote with our simple form and we can have your perfect website up and running in no time with hardly any cost.

Website design is something are very passionate about and we believe the future will rely heavily with online sales or advertising. Not only do we suggest it for business but also for small bloggers to grow. Youtubers to have another place to share their work and even someone wanting to showcase their talent to potential employers going forward.

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