minecraft 1.17 update

Minecraft Update 1.17 World Generation


With the Minecraft update release due on the 8th on June we are all waiting to find out more about the world generation. Will it effect our old worlds? can we continue with them or start fresh. Everything you need to know about the world generation and increased height explained.

Minecraft 1.17 update

Worries of Minecraft 1.17 Update

As an owner of a few servers myself i share the same concern as many other people. Whether it is on a multiplayer server or on your single player world. Will the same worlds work after the update?

Although we have not been told they wont be compatible the Minecraft 1.17 update. The sheer change to the game has made a lot of players assume that they wont be compatible. Especially with the height difference. A lot of us has thought of flying at 300 blocks up and then suddenly smashing into an invisible barrier when you hit an old chunk.

With so many changes it is hard to think how it can work seamlessly with out requiring a brand new world.

The Good News On the Minecraft Update 1.17

After watching the newest update video with Agnes and Alex they have cleared up a lot of questions regarding this. Click here to go straight to the video below.

They have said a huge part of any update it to continue on the worlds you might have started years ago. A huge emphasis on the fact that Minecraft should be able to have a world from 5 years ago work with any ongoing update. This seems like a fairly conclusive answer to our questions of World Generation working on old worlds.

The update will be out in two part. So this first part will consist of many blocks and items but it will be a template ready for the winter update which will change the height of the world, generation and more.

Minecraft update 1.17 caves and cliffs

What to Look Forward Too

They tell us how they have kept the simple to use design with Minecraft whilst trying to capture more life like a realistic version of the game.

3D Biomes

They have confirmed 3d biomes, meaning that you might have a dessert biome on the top of the overworld but also another biome such a cave underneath it. This has changed as we all know biomes used to run straight down as far as bedrock.

Biome Types

They have used two designs, one been hilly and the other having extreme edges that slide down a long time and pose some danger. With the addition of powdered snow, and paths running up the hills even the keenest of hikers will enjoy the new design of the game and give your survival exploration needs a good boost.

Minecraft 1.17 update

Natural Word Generation

For the Minecaft 1.17 update they will be blending in the new world generation with the old. This meaning that explored chunks will still appear in the same way as before with no update.

How ever chunks that havent been excplored or have just been seen at a distance will be updated, Giving and alsmost historic feeling to the game. As you might have chunks for updates years ago and then travvel to another area and find that the new chunks are different but blended in together.

I’ve got to say this has got to be one of the best outcomes of the game so far as we all know some worlds or servers have had a substantial history to them that players don’t want to lose.

And for those of you that are brand new to Minecraft follow the link for the official Minecraft Download Page.

Newest Video Update

“Agnes and Alex are here with answers about the Caves & Cliffs Update, specifically about the Part I and Part II split. Find out when each part will be released, what you can expect from Part II, and a little look at what we have planned after Caves & Cliffs!”

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6XjfohyyRg

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