always day command in Minecraft

How To Use the /alwaysday command in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition


Easy Minecraft tutorial for the /alwaysday command in bedrock edition.

/alwaysday command

What Is The /alwaysday command used for?

This bedrock command is used to keep the daytime cycle frozen. In Minecraft it runs through a day and night cycle and you sometime working through the night and day can be frustrating with mobs or just generally not being able to see so well. So using the always day command will help light up the situation.

How To Use the /alwaysday command

Step 1. Make sure you have cheat enabled on your game. To do this either start a world in with cheats enabled, in creative or you can change the settings form your world menu to allow cheats.

Step 2. To use the cheats you need to use your chat bar by pressing the forward slash button /

Step 3. In the chat bar type in /alwaysday and then press space to get the option available.

Step 4. Now to enable always day you need to type in true or press tab to autofill from the available answers. Then press enter.

How To Disable The /alwaysday command

Same as you enabled it, you press / the type the following command but instead of true, you write false.

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