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How to Customize Emails For Woo Commerce


How to edit your woocomercce emails for check out, processing products and any other response emails from your online shop. Find out more with our WordPress tutorials.

Customize Emails For Woo Commerce

When your running an online shop you want to make sure everything is showing your brand and is displaying your business in the best most profffetional way.

Using this guide you can customize email with woo commerce easy with a drag and drop form maker, ad your logo, extra text and images and really customize your customer check out emails well.

 Customize Emails For WooCommerce

What Do I Need?

Usually when woo commerce is installed mailpoet is also installed at the same time, if it isnt you can find it for free in the plugins section of your WordPress or by installing it from the link above and uploading the plugin through your plugins section.

Guide To Customize Emails For Woo Commerce

  1. Log into the back end of your WordPress website and go to Mailpoet, if it isnt installed yet. Install it first.
  2. Hover over the Mailpoet tab on the left hand side of your dashboard and select settings.
  3. On this page you will bestarted on the Basis tab, look to the right and click on the Woocommerce option.
  4. From here check “Use MailPoet to customize WooCommerce emails” and also “Opt-in on checkout” make sure to add the subsbscribers to a relevant list.
  5. The select “Open template editor”
  6. Here you can edit the form (some sections are un editable as they will get filed in by the customer information)
  7. Once edited click on save.
 Customize Emails For WooCommerce


Using this free editor for your Woo Commerce emails you can truly customise your emails for your customers to suit your brand and shop. Make sure to be looking profffetional if every way and get your Woo Commerce emails edited.

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