Beginner WordPress Tutorials to help you build your WordPress site or Blog. PBN’s, Expired Domains and anything else WordPress related.

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Creating a WordPress Site


Creating a Site

Find Tutorials on every aspect of creating a WordPress site or blog. From the start of buying a domain and registering your hosting, to adding widgets, embeding minigames and anything else you might need to know.

All our tutorials are short and to the point. So there wont be any wasting of time, simply follow along and pause when you need to. All our Tutorials are created with SeekaHost WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin

Not sure how to install or delete plugins? Or perhaps you just looking for installation and overview details of specific plugins.

You can find all our individual plugin tutorials here to guide you through adding plugins to your WordPress site or blog.

This is a general plugin section, for more specific plugins for SEO check out the section below.

Website SEO

Website SEO

Want to grow your Site with the power of SEO? Any tutorials on Search Engine Optimization or plugins to help with optimizing your site can be found here.

SEO specific plugins can also be found here such as AIOSEO or YOAST.

We show you how to install them and also use them to increase yours sites SEO.

Buying WordPress/Blog/Domain Hosting


Tutorials all about how to buy WordPress Hosting. PBN blogs and getting yourself a domain for your Website.

It can be hard to find good hosting with so many companies promising the best. We stick with using SeekaHost as they have provided a really good service so far so our tutorials will be shown on their site. 

How ever ever out tutorials are general so even if you are using other hosting you can follow along with the guides.

WordPress Security


WordPress Security is a must. Unfortunately to make it this user friendly does mean their are some vulnerabilities to WordPress Sites. 

How ever these can all be easily solved wiht a few plugins, and some know how.

Here you can find tutorials for GDPR, General Purpose Security, Anti Spam and Malware. And many other ways you can defend yourself against these attacks.



Analytics play an important part of every WordPress site or blog. If you can see the traffic and what exactly is going on you can use this information to improve and grow.

Here we go through plugins that help for analytics and how to install them.

Connecting to google search engine, Analytics and more. Keep up to date with your Websites analytics to stay in front of the competition.

Migrating/Moving WordPress Sites

Site Migration

This can seem like a daunting job to do with little experience. Moving complete WordPress sites or Blog’s can be a bit tricky even for a long time blogger.

So we have added some guides that will make the whole process a piece of cake by just following along with our guide.

Migrate WordPress Sites and PBN Blogs with private IP’s easily.


Private Blog Networks (PBN)

Want to know all about PBN (private blog network)?

Here we explain what they are, how you can use them to grow your Website and rank higher with google. How to buy expired domains to build Private IP blogs with. And anything else PBN related.

Are tutorials are about how to grow a good Private Blog Network with good content.

We dont show tutorials on how to make money un-realistically fast. We show you how to properly succeeded using this method by applying it to your every day practises.  

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Asbestos surveys and management in the Hampshire area.


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